Facebook Vs Twitter Survey

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Date:  2022-03-08

Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social media platforms. Facebook takes the lion share of the number of social media users with more than 1.3 billion people using it every day. Over the pat few years twitter has been losing user and as at the end of 2018 twitter had 321 million active users. The two are familiar as the use of hashtag the only close parallel between them. The availability of smartphone and accessibility of internet has increased and revolutionized how people use social media. What makes Twitter and Facebook the main social media platform is that they are adaptable, ready to pivot, and innovative to suit the needs and requirement of the client. Both Facebook and twitter have become a major platform through which organizations are using to promote their businesses. The platforms cerate a wider and astronomical audience for organization in every size and shape.

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The main purposed of doing the study was to identify the benefit that twitter and Facebook has on academic studies. Several studies and researchers have argued that courses that are supported by Facebook and Twitter provide the learns with several benefits which may include group work, increased sharing and cooperation, visualizing content, and strengthening communication between student faculty and student-student. Therefore, it is important to conduct a study to identify the benefits that both Facebook and Twitter have on student learning process.

The audience and participants of that participated in the study were individuals below age of 30 and they had either Twitter or Facebook account or both. Those who had previously had Twitter or Facebook account and deactivated them were not considered as the study was mainly concerned with individuals who are active users of the social media platforms. Furthermore, these age groups are the most active social media users as most of their time they are free and do not have much to work on and most of the are having part time jobs or either jobless.

Questions asked

Survey 1

Please specify your age?

  • 14-18: 10
  • 18-22: 8
  • 22-26: 4
  • 26-30: 2

What is your gender?

  • Female: 14
  • Male: 8

How frequent do you spend time using Facebook and Twitter?

  • Once a month: 2
  • Once a week: 5
  • Before going to bed or every two hours during free time: 10
  • Other specify: 5

Purpose using Facebook/Twitter?

  • Work purpose: 1
  • To keep in touch with friend: 3
  • Entertainment: 5
  • Gossip updates: 5
  • Just fun: 6

Do you agree when people use other images instead of their own photos for their display picture?

  • Yes: 15
  • No: 7

How far do you trust the people in Facebook/Twitter?

  • 100%: 1
  • Only some of them: 13
  • Not at all: 5
  • I do not care: 3

Which one do you prefer using more?

  • Facebook: 17
  • Twitter: 5

Please state the year when you started to join Facebook/Twitter.

  • 2008 - 2012: 6
  • 2012 - 2016: 9
  • 2016 - present: 7

From which social network enables you to get information easily?

  • Facebook: 15
  • Twitter: 7

Which one is more comfortable in terms of privacy?

  • Facebook: 12
  • Twitter: 10

Survey 2

Which one have you used Facebook ore twitter?

  • Twitter: 6
  • Facebook: 14
  • Both: 8

Which one would advise your friend to join?

  • Facebook: 7
  • Twitter: 8
  • None: 13

Have you used either Facebook or Twitter for educational purpose?

  • Yes: 18
  • No: 10

Is Facebook at twitter useful for students?

  • Yes: 18
  • No: 8

Would you delete your Twitter or Facebook account?

  • Yes: 10
  • No: 12
  • Don't know: 5

Do you have your classmates as friend on Twitter of Facebook?

  • Yes: 16
  • No: 12

Would you rather have 100k Facebook followers or 100k Twitter followers?

  • 100k Facebook Followers: 18
  • 100k Twitter Followers: 10

Do you post on a daily basis?

  • Yes: 20
  • No: 8

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