Exploring Hobak Korean BBQ: A Birthday Treat - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-23


After a long search on the internet of the best Korean restaurant, we finally settled on Hobak Korean BBQ located in Mountain Point Business Park West in Las Vegas. We were planning to have lunch out for my elder brother's birthday and Korean food is his favorite. We took a short drive and by 12.30 pm we had parked at the restaurant's parking lot. As you enter the restaurant, there are slushie machines which my niece enjoyed as we parked the car.

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How the Experience Relates to Training of the Employee

The service provided at Hoback Korean BBQ directly related to the training of the employee. The reason is that they were able to articulate what they learned in class to in serving their customers. The staff was friendly and outgoing as they were also young and energetic, not to add friendly and welcoming. Once on the entrance, I was greeted by a tall gentleman and I thought it was one of our relatives who had decided to join us for the meal. Little did I know he was the hotel manager who kindly guided us to a table for the six of us. The manager was very mindful of all the customers and could constantly check on each of them to find out if they required something. Additionally, the employees made use of positive language and made minor changes in their conversation patterns to make their customers happy. In doing, so they used effective communication with all the customers in the restaurant to ensure they executed their roles efficiently. For instance, the communication skills of one of the waitresses whom I could not help but notice her name on the tag, Melly, was tested as she gripped with a foreign language, Spanish. Having learned the language, she was able to help an elderly man who could not order food in any other language. Melly was also eceptionally patient with the customer, a virtue taught in the service class which is crucial for customer service professionals. The elderly man was a bit stubborn besides not speaking any other language as he was not sure what to order. However, Melly reached out to the elderly man who at first looked confused and frustrated. She carefully listened to him with patience which went along well in making him feel less frustrated.

This experience coincided with my expectations because I was anticipating an extraordinary customer service. I was expecting to be served by staff who are patient, friendly and hospitable, skills that I familiarized myself with within the service class. The expectations for this business resulted from the extensive research I did on the internet, reading reviews about the restaurant. My expectations were met by the fact that the description of their food and what they offered, truly matched. This experience related to my sense of satisfaction amazingly. The interior decor of the restaurant was nicely done with amazing lighting which made the experience memorable. With their affordable prices, they offered a well-cooked barbecue and free appetizers considered standard for a Korean restaurant besides having a diverse and uniform taste. The desert was also great and included mango and strawberry rice pop ice cream which were part of the lunch package.

However, before leaving the restaurant, I decided to visit the washroom, since I could not wait till we drove back. To use the washrooms, I had to use some stairs. On my way back when climbing down the stairs, I, unfortunately, twisted my ankle and fell on the floor. Unsurprisingly, not many people noticed as the customers were busy eating their delicacies and the place was overwhelmingly full. One of the waiters, Cruz, ran to my rescue and started to perform first aid on my leg. He gently massaged my leg assuring me that everything was okay and was relieved of the pain. The hotel manager approached us and confirmed whether I was okay. He asked what could have led to the fall and I gladly said that I miscalculated a stair that was unevenly smaller than the rest. For a moment, I wanted to raise a complaint but I recalled that exemplary service and hospitality from the restaurant staff which surpassed the little incident. The manager assured me that he would have the construction team correct the problem within that day and escorted me back to my seat. When collecting the bill, the waitress was incredibly thankful and wore a constant smile while using body language throughout. I had never seen someone so thankful before that.

The outcome of the service recovery provided at Hobak Korean BBQ was quite satisfactory, not only to me but also to the rest of my family members. Everyone was happy with their family lunch combo package comprising of marinated sliced Angus brisket, marinated beef short ribs, grilled spicy pork belly with cheese and vegetables and extra drinks. The experience is one that I would want for my hotel as it is remarkably amazing and I would therefore not only return but also recommend to my friends.


A well-trained team of customer service professionals is important for any given company, especially in the hospitality industry. The reason is that customer service officers act as a direct link between the clients and the business. When the staff members are properly trained, they are equipped with the necessary skills to offer high quality services. As a result, the company enjoys high returns when they have customers who return after an incredible customer service encounter.

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