Exploring Class, Gender, Power, and Inheritance in E.M. Forster's Howards End: An Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-31


Howard's End is a novel written by E.M. Forster in 1910 and published in 1911. The novel explores themes such as class, gender and power in Edwardian England. The novel follows the lives and relationships of the Wilcox family, including their interactions with Margaret and Helen Schlegel. This novel is a classic in English literature. It has been adapted into many films, including one directed by James Ivory in 1992.

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Howards End explores the complicated dynamics between the upper and the lower classes in Edwardian England. The Wilcoxes belong to the upper class, while the Schlegel sisters come from the middle. Both classes have their own beliefs and values. The novel explores the impact of their class backgrounds on their interactions. The Wilcoxes tend to be conservative and narrow-minded while the Schlegels are more open-minded. The novel explores class mobility and shows how characters can transcend class divisions by their actions.


Howards End also explores gender, with the novel exploring the role of women and men in Edwardian England. Margaret and Helen are independent, intelligent women who challenge traditional gender roles. They are depicted as feminists who advocate for women's rights, and challenge the status quo. The novel examines how power dynamics between men, women, and their relationships. The novel shows how male characters try to control women and how women must fight for their independence.


Howards End also focuses on power. The novel explores power dynamics and the effects they have on relationships. The Wilcoxes are powerful, with their wealth and social standing giving them great power. The Schlegel sisters are more vulnerable and weaker than the Wilcoxes. The novel explores the power dynamics of the characters and how they influence the plot and their relationships.


Howards End also explores the theme of inheritance. Howards End explores the Wilcox family’s wealth and their relationship with the Schlegel sisters. The Wilcoxes want to keep their wealth in the family, and are reluctant to share it outside of the family. The Schlegels are more open to sharing their wealth with the less fortunate.


Howards End, a classic novel by E.M. Forster, explores themes of class and gender, power and inheritance in Edwardian England. The novel explores the complicated dynamics between the upper- and lower classes and how these affect their relationships. The novel also examines the role of women in society, and how they can assert their independence. The novel also examines the power dynamics of different characters and the effects this has on their relationships. Finally, it explores the theme inheritance and how wealth is passed through generations.

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