Explore Sleeping Bear Dunes: Nature's Spectacular Creation - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


The Sleeping Bear Dunes are located in the lower peninsula of Michigan in Benzie and Leelanau counties. Next to the dunes is the National Lakeshore that hosts various features that represent cultures, such as the South Manitou Lighthouse and a farm district. The beautiful lake dunes are a major tourist attraction.

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The dunes are high bluffs that are noticeable from a distance. Combined with the Lake, they form spectacular scenery. Geology experts have proven that the dunes were created by a combined effect of large glaciers of ice and strong winds. The dunes were once glacial moraines, but continuous erosion by strong winds and ocean waves have reduced their size. Strong winds are responsible for the formation of the sleeping dunes and have continued to change their structure into different shapes.

The initial dunes were formed by continuous pressing and shifting of an ice sheet that pushed rocks into a hill. Strong winds then blew sand from the beach to cover the hill and form dunes. The continuous blowing of sand from the bottom of the dunes to the top has also led to the formation of perched dunes on top of the pre-existing moraines. These are the most prominent features in the area. The dunes are also found in the sleeping bear plateau, which is composed of numerous wind-formed dunes. The process of formation is easy and can be witnessed on a windy day.

The Sleeping Bear Sand dunes are a major tourist's attraction, coupled with the beautiful lake view. According to the National Park Service, the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore receive 1, 143, 857 visitors annually. These are both local and foreign tourists. The numbers are higher during summer since the weather allows for more outdoor activity. It is also easier to witness the creation of dunes by strong winds in summer.

The thrill of climbing the dunes and watching the perched dunes being formed are the main reason people visit the Sleeping Bear Sand dunes. The dunes vary with steepness, which creates the desire for visitors to challenge themselves. However, strong winds can make the place dangerous, so visitors must be guided by a tour guide and maps to avoid getting lost. The guides also advise visitors on what is necessary during the hikes. The hike is not easy, but the view from the top is beautiful, especially from the empire dunes. The climb takes three to four hours, in which one covers around 3.5 miles. The time taken, however, varies with the weather and an individual's physical condition. It could take up to six hours.

Besides hiking, the place has a variety of other activities for both children and adults. The lakeshore provides an excellent destination for swimming and sunbathing. Port Oneida is also a significant place to visit at the Sleeping Bear Dunes. It is one of the major reasons the area was marked as a protected area: to preserve history. It has history farms with traditional barns and long stretches of fields, which relaxes and helps individuals connect with history.


All in all, the Sleeping Bear Dunes are a unique spectacle to behold and an illustration of the power of nature. Natural forces worked for years to form the dunes, which has been maintained by changing the weather. The dunes had remained tourist attractions since 1970 when the area was declared a protected area as a way to protect history and has a variety of fun activities to engage in.

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