Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, and Our Sexual Behavior

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Date:  2021-04-05


Gender equality is a topic that extends far wider than just the workplaces and at home. The topic is now extending to whether or not women are judged more harshly when it comes to their sexually as compared to the men in the society. Exhibitionism and voyeurism are among the sexuality-related topics that have gathered scrutiny over the years (Llewellyn-Jones, 2010).

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What Is the Relationship Between Gender and Paraphilias?

To start with, the question of paraphilias and the limits of it has been, over the years, deemed as more excusable in men compared to women. Men are bound to engage in paraphilias in huge numbers as opposed to the women (Waisman, 2004). In fact, it is very rare for women to visit their psychiatrist to inquire about problems with their sexual behaviors. However, men are more often seen examining from their fellow men and even their psychiatrist about their unusual sexual behaviors. This makes them more conversant with their sexual life even better. Secondly, men are able to observe the person, undress the person, and even be in the act of having sex with the person in their minds. Another reason is that men are not afraid of exposing their genitals to anyone. Women hardly expose themselves to anyone, not even strangers. Most men are frotteurs, which is one of the ways of engaging in paraphilia. They tend to rub their genitals against a non-consistent person even in public just because they are sexually aroused. Moreover, it is more acceptable for men to practice fetishism.

What Is the Difference Between Male Exhibitionism and Female Exhibitionism?

An unforeseen trend, however, is that with time, people have become bothered by female exhibition compared male exhibitionism. They are less prone to getting offended by it and in fact, tend to explore it commercially like in advertising some products. It is an acceptable means that is used to attract men. Female exhibitionism is conventional to the society and is considered beautiful, on the other hand, male exhibitionism is considered strange and unpleasant, and in fact, one would dare deem it as an undesirable act. This speaks a lot of the culture the society has embraced. Most researchers conclude that the community feels that it is more conventional to objectify women and use them for material gain while at the same time, men who are found doing the same are considered a feeble lot who need to do better. This shows that the society is far from achieving the true meaning of equal rights to all people indiscriminately of their genders.

Lastly, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding exhibitionism in nude dancing and musicians in their videos (Mauk & Metz, 2009). Going by the definition of exhibitionism disorder, it is agreeable that they do, without a doubt practice it. Any extravagant behavior, be it sexual or otherwise that has the perverse intention of attracting attention should be considered sexual, especially for them since they expose most parts of their skin. Their audience to partake in it willingly hence should be considered in the context of the problem since they are the leading promoters of it.


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