Excerpts From Paradise Lost Analysis Paper Example

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The first excerpt from PARADISE LOST

The first excerpt speaks about the relationship between Adam and Eve and God n respect to praise and to work hard to eat and dress.

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This excerpt alludes to what the Bible teaches on what happened n the Garden of Eden at the onset of the story of creation. The excerpt tells f the virtue of work and the rewards that come from the same. The author alludes to good relationship that existed between God and human race through praise and honour to God. The excerpt also talks of the sweet nature and the accommodative environment filled with sweet scent that fills the nostrils of the human par of Adam and Eve with worship and honour.

The author states "To the Creator, and his Nostrils fill/With grateful Smell, forth came the human pair" (Milton l196-197). This part shows the good relationship that existed between God and the human race in the great Garden.

"This Garden, still to tend Plant, Herb and Flour/ Our pleasant task enjoyn'd, but till more hands" (Milton l206-207). Here the author shows the richness of the Garden that was presented to Adam and his wife Eve by God at the beginning of time and that they needed to use t for ther benefit.

The author adds "In Woman, then to studie houshold good, /And good workes in her Husband to promote" (Milton l233-234). The excerpt also shows off the fond relationship between the woman and her husband gong by the good living that they had in the Garden of Eden. This statement is consistent with the Biblical narration of the woman being a helper to the man.

The excerpt takes a conflicting turn when the foe comes n to disrupt the existing peace between the couple. The author adds "What hath bin warn'd us, what malicious Foe / Envying our happiness, and of his own /Despairing, seeks to work us woe and shame" (Milton l253-255). This excerpt is consistent with the snake in the garden that led to Adam and Eve to break Gods commandments.

The author adds "Such ambush hid among sweet Flours and Shades / Waited with hellish rancour imminent / To intercept thy way or send thee back / Despoild of Innocence, of Faith, of Bliss" (Milton l408-411). The shame that struck Eve and Adam after listening to the enemy and defying Gods order led them to hide n the bushes. The consistency of this story s that there s much shame and dishonour that arises from not following Gods commands.

The second excerpt from PARADISE LOST

This excerpt details the success of the evil to win over Eve who eventually decanted Gods command and for what the devil told her to. The excerpt narrates of Eve finally eating the attractive fruit from the forbidden tree and the repercussions that follow after that.

The temptation has become real for both Adam and his wife Eve. As the author adds "If chance with Nymphlike step fair Virgin pass, / What pleasing seemd, for her now pleases more, / She most, and in her look summs all Delight" (Milton l452-454). This excerpt shows that the eyes man suffers n lust and starts to recognise the beauty of a woman which leads him to sin against Gods will.

According to the author, the demon was very smart; he understood that Eve was very innocent and vulnerable being so feminine. The devil had to act so gently and good to attract the attention of the woman. As the author says "That space the Evil one abstracted stood / From his evil, and for the time remaind / Stupidly good, of enmitie disarm'd" (Milton l 463-465). This talk explains why the woman easily believed the devil and ignored Gods orders against feeding on the forbidden fruit. While the demon was pretending to be good deep down he was burning with anger and vengeance.

The most amazing part of the temptation s the fact that Eve still had her conscience against the offers that the serpent was bringing forth. However, the devil cunningly convinced her with very convincing words that nobody was seeing her "Who sees thee? (and what is one?) Who shouldst be seen / A Goddess among Gods, ador'd and serv'd / By Angels numberless, thy daily Train" (Milton l 546-548). The devil took advantage of Eves naivety to allure her to breaking the only rule given to her by God. The serpent knew that once he got Eves attention he would be able to reach Adam as well.

The consistency in this excerpt is quite evident whereby the devil realizes the determination of Eve against his approaches. He ironically ass why God would give the whole garden to Eve and Adam and yet not allow them to eat one fruit. The author writes "Those rigid threats of Death; ye shall not Die: / How should ye? By the Fruit? It gives you Life / To Knowledge, By the Threatner? look on mee, / Mee who have touch'd and tasted, yet both live" (Milton l 685-701). Once Eve saw the serpent eat the fruit and not de then she was also confident has indeed God had lied to them about the forbidden fruit. That is how she fell to the deceitful ways of the devil.

The eating of the fruit led to the beginning of death as Eve completely lost her knowledge of God as the sated "Of knowledg, nor was God-head from her thought. / Greedily she ingorg'd without restraint, / And knew not eating Death: Satiate at length" (Milton l 790-792). The story goes that the end of man came nearer and there existed a rift between Adam Eve and God owing to this. The element of conscience is triggered that we should trust God and lives by the word despite what else comes after. Disobedience brought death to man.

The third excerpt from PARADISE LOST

The excerpt alludes to a cause and effect of the dreadful acts of Eve against God. This excerpt also shows how love can pull one to sin gong by the ease with which Adam gave n to Eves convection about the fruit; he did not want to lose her yet was still scared of offending God.

Adam had a deep love for Eve that he feels lonely whenever she s away. He longs to have her around him to beat the loneliness; he goes forth to look for her because he cannot stand her absence anymore "And forth to meet her went, the way she took / That Morn when first they parted; by the Tree / Of Knowledge he must pass, there he her met" (Milton l 847-849). This excerpt is the point where he sees her holding the fruit n her hand and is shocked. Eve explains to him that indeed the fruit is harmless and not as tragic as God had told them before.

Adam laments that despite having missed Eve and that he had longed for her return, he is surprised that she went against the command of God. However Eve reveals that Serpent had opened her eyes about the tree and that it was a tree of blessings "This Tree is not as we are told, a Tree Of danger tasted, nor to evil unknown Op'ning the way, but of Divine effect [ 865 ] To open Eyes, and make them Gods who taste" (Milton l 863-866). This is the point where the reader s left n suspense; the reader tries to guess what Adam is going to do from such terrifying information.

The story takes a conflicting approach where Adam is unable to make a proper decision. He tries to vindicate Eve's action n so many ways. He goes ahead to take the fruit since he believes that they must live or die as one when he says. "The Bond of Nature draw me to my owne, My own in thee, for what thou art is mine; Our State cannot be severd, we are one, One Flesh; to loose thee were to loose my self" (Milton l 866-669). This excerpt is a pointer to how love can lead to death it clouds the reasoning and actions of many people, not just Adam.

Eve feels loved that Adam has chosen to trust her. In what is seen as victory to the serpent Adam goes ahead to eat the fruit too and ends up forgetting Gods command "So saying, she embrac'd him, and for joy / Tenderly wept, much won that he his Love / Had so enobl'd, as of choice to incurr / Divine displeasure for her sake, or Death" (Milton l 990-993). The wages of sin is death. Adam has decided that he will not let his lovely Eve die alone and that he also wanted to be le God. Therefore he takes the fruit and with the embrace from Eve he loses himself to fate.

As a result of eating from the tree, their eyes were opened, and they realized what sin was all about. The writer adds " As from unrest, and each the other viewing, Soon found thir Eyes how op'nd, and thir minds How dark'nd; innocence, that as a veile Had shadow'd them from knowing ill, was gon"(Milton l 1052-1055). The result of defying God was that both Adam and Eve were thrown out of the garden, and their eyes were opened, and they learnt what sin was all about.


Milton, J. (1912). Milton: Paradise Lost. WB Clive, University Tutorial Press, Limited.

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