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Some examples of scientific management I have encountered include my observation of the MacDonalds and Starbucks. They are food chains that have a presence both online and restaurants. All MacDonalds and Starbucks stores employ scientific management techniques in production. For example, the management ensures that there is uniformity regardless of the country, location, and branch. I have noticed that there is uniformity in their floors, techniques used to prepare food, and closing and opening time.

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How Examples Link To the Original Ideas of Taylor, the Gilbreths or Ford

The cases align with the principle of uniformity and standardization in scientific management. According to the original ideas of Taylor, one of the most efficient ways to achieve efficiency in organizations is standardizing the work process (Georgio Zuffo, 2011, p. 24). No matter the country one is, it is likely that the McDonalds store provides similar services to the rest of the stores in the region. I believe that this is the reason that the company is known worldwide and successful.

How I Have Been Subject to Scientific Management

I have been subject to scientific management through working in a marketing department an organization during my internship. Some of the benefits of scientific management include specialization and division of labor (Georgio Zuffo, 2011, p. 26). Thus, through working in the department of marketing, I helped in designing and creating awareness about the existence of our products to the consumers. Also, I developed marketing campaigns which increased the sales and profits of the organization. While the organization is known for quality handbags and shoes, the process of creating and selling the products was long and involved a lot of tasks. But since there was the application of scientific management techniques, I specialized in marketing.

The Usefulness and Effectiveness of the Scientific Management Techniques

Scientific management techniques are useful and effective because they create smooth coordination and accountability between employees and employers (Georgio Zuffo, 2011, p. 25). Each knows the area of specialization and can be held accountable if something fails. For example, if the sales of products decrease, then the management understands the possible sources of problems. They can keep the marketing department accountable for failing to design effective campaigns for the products.

How These Ideas View the Organization as a Set of Building Blocks or a Machine

Scientific management ideas view the organization as a set of building blocks or a machine because each has a role to perform to achieve the goals of the organization. Success is only achieved when each employee and managers diligently fulfill their responsibilities.


Giorgio Zuffo, R. (2011) 'Taylor is Dead, Hurray Taylor! The "Human Factor" in Scientific Management: Between Ethics, Scientific Psychology and Common Sense', Journal of Business & Management, 17(1), pp. 23-41.

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