Examples of Human Rights Violations Around the World

Date:  2021-03-14 09:17:22
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Human rights abuses are not something new, with rampant violence against women and children and also a commission of crimes against humanity taking center stage in many countries around the world. Most countries around the world promote the violation of human rights due to lack of accountability and transparency, malevolence, and disregard for human life at all levels. Below are some of the breaches of human rights around the world;

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North Korea is one of the countries around the world with the worst track record of protecting human rights. As many as 120,000 North Koreans live in prisons and concentration camps while most of the citizens starve to death due to lack of food. After Kim Jong-un came to power, many people have been executed summarily including his uncle. North Korea has locked away from the outside world hence it was difficult to know the extent of human rights violations.

During the toppling of Mohamed Morsi and Hosni Mubarak's regimes, Egypt witnessed some of the worst violence ever witnessed around the world. Authorities fired life ammunition to disperse protesters with reports of sexual abuse against women as well as the shooting of demonstrators.

The Syrian government has been using chemical attacks on its citizens since the conflict began and it is expected that close to 100,000 people are dead. The regime is Syrian has been on the receiving end with many individuals calling for its downfall and in turn, it has responded by using force leading to a refugee crisis as well as death to thousands of its citizens.

The Qatar construction industry has been implicated in human rights violations where immigrant workers have been forced to work under severe weather conditions leading to about 700 deaths a year. FIFA investigated the claims that the country engaged in such acts to speed up the construction of its stadiums.

In many Arabic-speaking countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan, women are denied their rights and forced to live like second-class citizens; Saudi Arabia bans its women from driving and holding positions of power while in Iran every woman must walk around wearing the hijab. Afghanistan also violates human rights by stoning of adulterers while also conducting vaginal examinations to confirm if the women are virgins.

What the United Nations and Other Organizations Are Doing To Put a Halt to Them

As the body that promotes peace and human rights around the world, the United Nations plays a key role in guaranteeing human rights are followed. First, it conducts investigations on allegations of human rights abuses around the world and then the victims are taken to the international criminal court. Countries that condone human rights violations face economic and military sanctions until they comply with the provisions of United Nations. The United Nations also conducts world summits and conferences where it educates member countries on the importance of observing human rights.

What You Would Do To Stop Human Rights Violations on Earth

Preventing breaches of human rights around the world is an enormous task which requires efforts from all related organizations and governments. The first step would be educating the people about their rights to make sure that when they are violated, they know it. Lobbying the related organizations to impose sanctions on the countries which are notorious in violating human rights. Making sure that mediation and arbitration are advocated as an alternative to war since most of the people who get hurt during a war are women and children.

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