Essay About James Baldwin's Support Christmas Boycott

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Date:  2022-03-11

From the article Support Christmas boycott by James Baldwin written with the other performing writers and artists including Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Odetta Gordan, Louis Lomax, and John O. Killens, I would boldly and strongly support the Christmas boycott. This because it stands for human rights and freedom to those oppressed while condemning. This article protested against the bombing of the church and requested that, instead of purchasing gifts, persons make Christmas charities to the civil rights organization (Baldwin).

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The writers and the artists believe in Christmas because they term it as the birthday of Jesus Christ as well as a brotherhood; the birthday of Jesus who came to save every individual irrespective of the race. He chased away money-changers who were doing it in the temple since they misused the holy place (Baldwin, Peck and Jackson). From the sentiments of the son of God Jesus Christ, he stresses the importance of loving one's neighbor as one loves him or herself.

The son of a man sent to take away our sins continues to say that, let the suffering children come to him since the kingdom of heaven belongs to them (Weems 72). This is the Jesus Christ the artists and writers are celebrating, the mighty Jewish son o carpenter who was just born in Bethlehem in a manger. This shows how Christ came from a humble and simple background.

Many atrocities committed against humanity as well as the Negro people who were in slavery during that time and they were never punished. The authors of the article saw the mocking of the prince of peace through Bombing the God's Holy place, blasting brains of His children against the walls of the Holy Tabernacle in Birmingham and making His day among the days of the year into Sabbath ritual full of blood and destruction (Weems 72).

The authors blame not only those who planted the bomb but also those who do not condemn the injustices as well as segregation and thus give it sanction: those who get profit from it and those who do not work to get rid of it. They promise to get into other businesses as usual and not celebrating Christmas (Peck). They indicate to celebrate it to show witness to the love and life of Jesus. They urge the people to take their humble time and repent their crimes against God and humanity through the killing of people in Birmingham.

During that year, they promised to give their children the golden gift of all, the gift of the truth regarded as the gift of love (Weems 72). They said that they would tell them that, Santa was not coming that year since he was mourning for the death of the children from Birmingham thus not getting gifts that year or the next. For those young children who could not understand, they could make gifts and toys for them or paint for the past year.

The trees, trains, pins, and piano sellers were urged to understand and pledge with them that the Christmas came from their hearts and minds and never from their pocketbooks. For those who were willing to give, they were advised to offer to institutions and organizations that work in building and strengthening moral and religious fiber of the great nation (Baldwin, Peck and Jackson). All the other American citizen all colors and different religions were urged you join them in the determination in putting Christ back into the Christmas and His life into religious and moral perspective.

In my own opinion, I support the Christmas boycott for the sake of humanity and God almighty. The reasons for boycott touches everyone's heart since it focuses on the rights and freedom of the oppressed. One cannot stand and celebrate the death of innocent children of God as shown in the calamity that affected Birmingham children. Because of this, I agree with the boycott to bring some sense in matters concerning the life of others (Baldwin, Peck and Jackson).

The institutions and organizations standing for the rights and freedom of individuals are encouraged to take appropriate actions. This is one of the best ideas I agree with. The other idea I agree with is educating the Americans on biblical teachings which shows how Jesus loves His children irrespective of race and condemns evil and crime to humanity. The idea of denying people to bring gifts during Christmas is not good at all according to me. They could be allowed to bring the gifts to please God and show honor to those who perished because of the Birmingham bombing (Weems 72).

The contradiction I see is that the people are called to boycott the Christmas, yet they are requested to celebrate without Christmas shopping. All people could be called to boycott any celebrations and condemn the evil acts and murder done by the bomb throwers CITATION Bal \l 1033 (Baldwin, Peck and Jackson). Finally, if I were an adult during that hard times in 1963, I could have requested my family members and neighbors to boycott the Christmas and condemn inhuman actions. I could go round all the streets educating people on the importance of standing with human rights and freedom while condemning inhuman actions in the nation and the whole world in general.

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