Evaluation Essay Sample on Mayo Clinic: Excellence in Healthcare Through Proper Management

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The management system it's the way organizations manage their activities they engage to be able to achieve its set objective and goals. The management system guides the various stakeholders in the organization, such as the employees and partners on how to carry out business with the company. The proper management system of Mayo Clinic has enabled it to offer excellent healthcare services that have helped many patients recover from their illness. The best management practice involves having a qualified human resource and using the proper management system to ensure that they deliver on their work. Mayo Clinic has been able to utilize its management practices towards the success of the clinic, where it has become one of the best clinics in Florida.

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Among the best management practices that Mayo clinic has to include creating a culture at the clinic where all the people involved in various work are expected while doing their work (Kaufman, 2018). The organizational culture gives the employees the drive to offer their best services to the clinic on the various work that they are engaged in. The culture keeps the employees doing the right thing even though they are not being supervised. The patients that visit mayo clinic get the same quality services whenever they visit the clinic to get health services.

The other management practice that has contributed to the success of the Mayo Clinic in Florida is by hiring the right and competent workers that are it for the vacant positions (Berry, & Seltman, 2018). Hiring the right and competent employees means that the employees hired can do their tasks exceptionally. The employees hired determines the services that the patients get; hence, they hire competent employees of the company have been able to become the best clinic in Florida based on the services it offers to patients. The clinic also has a management system the promote integrity of employees; the system creates an ethical atmosphere that makes the patients comfortable while seeking healthcare from the facility.

Missions and Goals

The mission of the mayo clinic is to provide the best health care services to the patients through integrated research, clinical practice and education. The clinic wishes to offer a solution to all challenges affecting patients.

Among the goals set by the Mayo clinic includes providing the best medical care support to the patient as possible. The goal is meant to ensure that the patients get the care that they require and heal from the diseases that they are suffering from (Kaufman, 2018). The other goal of the clinic is providing a clean and safe environment where the nurses and the patients feel comfortable when at the clinic. The other goal is having a commitment to handling patients with professionalism by providing quality healthcare services and treatment options. The clinic also wishes to have an efficient patient care delivery system. The clinic wishes to improve the healthcare services to a level where patients will have the best treatment option form the clinic regardless of the disease that they might be suffering from.

Organization Structure

The organizational structure of the mayo clinic is organized in such a manner that its led by the board of trustees. The board makes all significant decisions on behalf of the clinic (Berry & Seltman, 2018). The board ensures that the clinic is running properly, and employees have the resources that they require to do their work. The board members head different committees that represent different departments within the clinic. Board members head the committees and represent their decisions to the board for decision making. The clinic uses operations systems that facilitate operations.

Advantages of Mayo Clinic

The clinic enjoys the confidence and the trust of the people; therefore, people living in Florida uses the clinical whenever they have health challenges (Ramlall, 2019). The confidence among the people has facilitated the company to have a reliable customer base that has been growing over the years. The clinic offers treatment options for a variety of health challenges; therefore, patients have all the treatment options that they need. The quality healthcare services offered by the clinic has made it appear among the top 100 best clinics in Florida.

SWOT Analysis


The strengths that the company has to include having the best technologies that assist medical professionals to do their work. The technology facilitates the treatment of complex medical conditions that might be challenging to treat without technology (Kaufman, 2018). The technology improves the quality of services provided to the patients. The other strength that Mayo clinic has is the highly skilled labour provided by the employees. The qualified medical professionals can offer the best treatment options that cure the diseases that the patients suffer from. This has boosted the confidence of the local community towards the clinic. The clinic is also able to operate for 24 hours; hence, the patients are sure that they can get medical attention from the clinic any time of the day when they want it.


The weaknesses of the Mayo clinic include spending much time to attend to one patient (Gibson, 2019). Much time is required to treat a patient because the doctors need to take their time and identify the health challenges that their patients are facing. Also, the clinic spends many resources to run the clinic in terms of the wages and the costs of running the technologies. The highly skilled labour require huge salaries.


The clinic has an opportunity to expand to other regions because it has the capacity to expand, some patients come from other regions; hence there exist an opportunity that can be exploited (Gibson, 2019). The clinic can also cover new diseases that it does not cover. This might require the clinic to hire more doctors that have specific skills. The opportunities keep on expanding as the population increases.


The threats that the Mayo clinic faces include economic challenges where the company lack enough finances to fund its operations (Gibson, 2019). The clinic has many areas that it's spending money which might make the clinic to raise medical costs for the patients making healthcare unaffordable. There is also the challenge of getting the right employees for the positions that come up. There is also the threats of new entrants in the market that bring competition.

Hospital Background Information

The primary source of funding of the Mayo clinic comes from the government where the clinic is funded to carry out research. The clinic offers medical care to the patients of the local community, and it makes little profit in return (Ramlall, 2019). The hospital can be regarded as a research hospital because it majors in research. The hospital participates in clinical studies where it offers students the opportunity to learn at the facility. The hospital has invested in technology in form Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) that helps in retrieving patient records. The hospital is wired with other hospitals to share information.


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