Evaluation Essay on Walt Disney Company

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Date:  2022-08-15

Overview of the Corporation

The promise of rewarding compensation and sustained career growth opportunities makes the entertainment industry an exciting destination for an international manager. Besides being a crucial component of the economy, the leading companies in the mass media and entertainment industry nurture an employee-centric work culture (Tsourvakas & Yfantidou, 2018). Such workplace qualities make the Walt Disney Company my dream employment destination. Headquartered in Burbank, the American company runs a diversified portfolio in family entertainment and extended leadership in mass-media enterprises including studio, direct-to-consumer and parks segments. Co-founded in 1923 by brothers Roy and Walt Disney, the California-based conglomerate translate its dominance in the American animation industry to the provision of consumer products and theme parks (Disney, 2018).

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Synonymous with the entertainment quality, Walt Disney commits to its mission of becoming the world's leader in the production and provision of entertainment and information. The objective compels it to differentiate consumer products, services, and content through creative and innovative development that attains profitable entertainment products and experiences (Disney, 2018). Walt Disney Company operates in forty-five countries through a workforce of 195,000 employees engaged in its multiple business lines, making it a multinational (Disney, 2017). The company has diversified operations in the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa entertainment markets (Disney, 2018).

Partial Analysis of the Organization

Political Factors

Walt Disney portfolio is subject to the political policies formulated by the host government to create an enabling role in the provision of entertainment products to the consumers. Multinationals rely on the liberalized import policies to penetrate the high growth national and regional market (Bayo-Moriones, Etayo, & Sanchez-Tabernero, 2015). Disney builds upon receptive foreign investment policies in the entertainment and mass-media industry to penetrate the high growth Asia-Pacific market. Restrictive policies on foreign direct investment targeting entertainment would hurt its business performance.

Legal and Regulatory Factors

Compliance with the federal and host country's laws is critical to avoid revocation of operating licenses, limited licenses renewals, and monetary forfeitures. The company must comply with the regulations issued by the Federal Communications Commission on licensing, ownership limits and programming (Disney, 2017). The legal mandate extends to complying with the Communications Act and Company Laws.

Technological Factors

The delivery of creative and innovative products depends on exploiting new technologies across the company's businesses. Delay to embrace the latest technology may affect the consumer pattern for its products, thereby losing critical markets to the innovative competitors. Again, new technologies define the mode and time of acquiring Disney entertainment products (Disney, 2017). Failure to align delivery channels with latest technologies would reduce the demand for its entertainment products.

Additional Discovery

The approved acquisition of the 21st Century Fox in 2017 offers Walt Disney Company substantial gain in online streaming (Hovenkamp & Bhargava, 2018). The horizontal merger will make Disney a primary provider of online content as cable-based viewers embrace online subscriptions. The acquisition will enable Disney to realize the predictable revenue while shielding its business from excessive siloing targeting content consumption.

Job of Interest

The position of marketing manager responsible for consumer products in Walt Disney International provides an opportunity to expand its presence in branded merchandise licensing. Its responsibility involves collaborating with the creative teams to align the licensee product development and management of new channels capable of strengthening the company's retail footprint. The position interests me by challenging the holder to lead the marketing insights to leverage the cross-divisions in Indonesia ecosystem.


Securing employment in Walt Disney likens to joining a family force committed to delivering creative entertainment products that guarantee consumers exciting experiences. It becomes vital to provide the robust culture of life-changing and exciting entertainment experiences to consumers in the company's pursuit of profitable business segments. The commitment to excellence in the delivery of the branded products reinforces an emotional bond experienced by Disney employees. I desire to experience, such a strong sense of purpose that enables Disney to nurture an employee-centric workplace culture. Lastly, the unique inclusivity reflected in Disney corporate reputation of enhancing career growth to realize entertainment brands exceeding consumer expectation.


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