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Marvel is one of the worlds, popular companies dedicated to producing comic movies. The company incorporated various technologies in the production of comic works which makes it popular among people of all ages. Martin Goodman started the company in the late 1930's. This was the period just before the world war two, and there were no publications produced that contained comics. Goodman worked as a publisher in the pulp magazine (Flanagan, 2016). In the year 1939, he was convinced by one of the sales manager working for funnies to invest in comic publications. He argued that if Goodman invested in the comics, he would reap in the future as it was a business that had a large audience. Funnies was a company that employed artists and writers who produced works of the comic (Flanagan, 2016). The company initially provided Goodman with a fictional comic character whom they named the Sub-mariner. The character was half human and half fish and thus had powers to be in water just like the fish.

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The first issue of the Marvel comics did feature not only the sub-mariner but also the human torch. The two comic publications instantly became a success for the company. There were more sales than had been anticipated. The company under the leadership of Goodman strived to look for more superhero characters that they could incorporate into the comic publications that they would expand their market. They also had an objective of producing unique content that would attract more customers to their company. Both the sub-mariner and the human torch possessed powers that future marvel heroes would possess. However, the two comics were rebels and not outstanding role models such as Superman. The characters chosen were young boys who would make flip comments while they wreaked havoc.

Upon the success of the initial publications by Goodman, he decided to start his own company and build it. He had seen the possibility of the comic industry being successful in the future (Flanagan, 2016). In his new company, he strived to introduce new comic heroes that would attract more customers. He would then make higher profits than he made while working in the pulp magazine. One of his techniques that made the company's comics to be popular is the introduction of new concepts in every publication (Flanagan, 2016). For instance, before the start of the Second World War, Goodman had produced a publication which showed that the sub-mariner had taken over a Nazi U-Boat.

The Rise of Captain America

Captain America was introduced by the timely publication company to fight the war against the Nazis. The hero was depicted as being powerful and being able to fight the Nazis. Captain America became a sensation among the people of America due to the fight against the Nazis who were fighting the USA at the time (Polson & Kerr, 2017). However, during the second world war, the company staff joined the military to help in fighting the second world war. At this time, the company faced a low workforce but still operated successfully. Goodman then noticed the rising popularity of the company's comics and started introducing comedic comics, cartoons for children among others. Also, they discovered that they could sell her publications directly to teenage girls which led to them publishing Miss America which was a favourite among teenage girls.

The ownership of the company has changed since its inception. In the 80's the company had grown in size and customer base. It was able to supply comics internationally. However, there were financial strains that it faced and would not operate effectively without financial aid. New World picture, therefore, acquired the company in 1986. The NWP looked forward to salvaging Marvel's financial situation and make it develop further. However, in 1988 NWP sold marvel to the Andrews Group, Inc.; Toy Biz Inc in the united states. Further, in 1991, Isaac Perlmutter bought Toy Biz who were the owners of Marvel and made the company public such that the public could buy shares from it. In 2005 under the ownership of Toy Biz, marvels changed its name to Marvel entertainment which runs up to today.

Company Leadership and Leadership Style

Every organization requires some form of leadership for it to success. Qualified leaders should do decision making, planning and controlling the activities of the company at all times. Companies that do not have well-structured organizational leadership end up failing to achieve their set goals and objectives (Polson & Kerr, 2017). Marvel is a company that is based on a hierarchical leadership structure. There are the top management and departments that are involved in the execution of daily activities and management of employees.

The top management includes the chief executive officer who acts as the president. All the junior officers within the company are answerable to the CEO who is the president of the company. The top management also consists of main executives, board members, and a committee. The top executive is involved in the management of departments such as the production, finances and the marketing (Polson & Kerr, 2017). The Chief executive officer is also classified as one of the main executives who manage the others at the top management. All the main executives work together to achieve the set goals and visions of the company in the long run. The board members are involved in the decision-making process. They hold meetings regularly to discuss important issues that affect the company (Graves, 2018). Identification of problems in the company by the executive officers is reported to the board of directors who then try to come up with lasting solutions. The Directors are individuals who have a history of experience in managing large companies.

Additionally, the board members are involved in the drafting of policies and laws that are to be used in decision making by the executives within the company (Graves, 2018). Before the executive officers make major decisions, the board members are consulted. They then discuss the issues at hand and make the most appropriate decision. This could be through a consensus or secret voting.

Products and Services Offered by the Company

The company has developed to offering a wide variety of products and services to their target consumers. Comic novels were the initial publications of the company before they ventured into film production (Graves, 2018). Numerous comic books are produced by the writers working at the marvels entertainment Inc. The novels focus on the lives of superhero characters in different scenarios. There are also short stories that are published as comic and produced periodically. The publications could be produced and distributed alongside magazines and newspapers to the target markets.

Animations are currently being used in commercials to make adverts. The company produces animations with the help of technical experts and designers. Animation movies which are powered by Disney studios have been a creation of Marvel(Polson & Kerr, 2017). The main aim of producing animation movies was to entertain the audiences who love them. The animation industry has however gained popularity which makes the company make high profits through sales of the animation movies.

Comic movies have been a popular form of entertainment for many people. The company produces the comic movies with the latest being the "Avengers; infinity war" (Polson & Kerr, 2017). Most of the comic movies are based on superhero characters who are integrated to the real world settings to help in saving people (Graves, 2018). The use of technology and computer-generated images has helped the company to produce world class movies that translate to high sales in the long run. Additionally, in the movies category, the company also produces Television shows which receive viewership across the world.

Marvel being a large organization works with other companies to ensure they produce high-quality content for their viewers internationally. They provide cinema services where customers have the opportunity to enjoy the company's comics on large screens. The production of 3D comic movies by the company is made possible by technology which is developed by IMAX among other international theatres (Flanagan, 2016). Also, the company works in collaboration with Sony to ensure that customers get the best sound quality in theatres. The Dolby Atmos provides one of the best qualities of sound that makes the movies interesting to watch. Most of the revenues that the company generates are from the sale of individual movies and theatre fees. Further, the company ensures that they recruit talented individuals who can produce flawless and high-quality content for the target audiences.

Company Current Vision, Mission, and Objectives

The company has a vision of expanding its clientele base by providing high-quality content that is conscious of the existing trends and is relevant to the society. The company ensures they achieve their vision by working with professionals at all times in their production and management.

Mission: Marvel has a mission of changing the entertainment scene in the world by producing more captivating content for their target audience. The company also has an objective to be the world's leading producer of entertainment content. They look forward to having their content being used to educate the society about different topics of concern. Also, the company has an objective of using its resources to pass essential information to their target audiences. The company meets its objective by continually expanding and introducing new technology in the production process.

Company Location

The company has had its headquarters at empire state building for a long time. This is where the president of the company is based and operates from. However, the company has many outlets that it uses in the distribution of all its products across the world, various outlets are designed to increase the convenience and ease of access to products and services offered by marvel. The Marvel studios are based in the United States where most of the production takes place. Disney also has a permanently set studio where all the production happens. The staff of the company report to different workstations in Europe, Australia and America under the policies of the company.


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