Evaluation Essay on Johnson Co.: Workplace Safety & Health

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Date:  2023-03-27


Workplace health and safety is a discipline that is involved with protecting the health and safety of all stakeholders in a workplace from exposure to hazard s and risks resulting from work activities. The control helps to make sure that there is a suitable environment for working by pressuring the employer, who indeed may have neglected the role. The research aimed to find out how the safety measure in Johnson company was fairing. First, we looked at how at the understanding of the employers' knowledge of the policies of WHS. In this, we looked at the in-depth from every policy.

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The first policies were workplace health and safety policies. These policies outline the risk management processes and how one would consult with other duty holders in the organization. The first policy is that one is required to be responsible for knowing your WHS obligations and the WHS procedures. In this policy, it requires that every single employee and employer of any organization have read all the WHS policies and understand them in detail for them to be able to know their rights about health in a working place. In our research, nobody was in a position to recite the policies given the weight of their significance (Stergiou-Kita, el at.2015).

The second policy that we accessed about the knowledge in the organization stated that employee and their manager would proactively work together to identify and manage potential WHS risks. In doing this, the health in a working place will ultimately be achieved because both the employer agrees on the terms of making a workplace clean. When a workplace is clean, and both the worker and manager are in terms, then even productivity in their line of work is achieved. It was another policy that we found out people hardly noted. most of the employee did not know that it was their obligation and responsibility to take care collectively of their health in their workplace (Stergiou-Kita, el at.2015).

The last policy knowledge that we assessed was the policy that required every person in the organization to take good care of their action not to adversely affect the health and safety of another colleague. In this policy, every person in a working place is required to be their brother and sister's keeper.

For this reason, a working area is not allowed for people to take drugs or drink alcohol for whatever reason.it also prohibits one from working in a substandard building. the policy only 5 of them new about the policy, but the rest had no knowledge, or they choose to ignore. (Stergiou-Kita, el at.2015)

The next part of our research was to find out whether the company had a procedure that was in place and if it was operational. We requested for the procedure so that we could look into the procedure. Ten procedures were presented to us in a written document. We decided to test whether they were just papers or they were being implemented.

Lead from the top was our initial procedure. It was aimed to make sure that the business has credible safety tolls and that the manager is frequently talking about it. The next procedure was to identify hazards that are likely to result in injuries; this main procedure focus was on manageable risks that could cause hazards in the future. The third procedure was to identify hazards that were likely to cause minor injury this was to prioritize dangers that could cause more damage and put a budget in place in case the case occurred. The fourth procedure was Conduct a legal audit to assess they could have been missed or is out of area and prioritize. The fifth procedure was to conduct a safety audit to make sure that the Australia WHS team did not miss anything. The next procedure was to identify who your officers and senior officers are and hence be in a good position when allocating safety responsibilities and key performance indicators. The other three procedures were for to Review employment and other contracts from a WHS perspective, appoint a WHS and consult worker, and Develop incident response plans. (Work health and safety, 2020)

Most of the employers had not even seen the paper, and they were even surprised that it even existed .this alerted the research group that most of the companies employer only apply and pay for them to be seen to be playing in accordance to the government requirement, but they did not even read the paper themselves.

Our last assessment on the organization was how the organization was able to use the companies the government regulation and whether the code of practice applied to them. It was clear that nobody was using these codes of practice; they were hardly adhered to, and in any case, very few like in our case, only one of the codes had adhered.


It was concluded that there was a need for people to be sensitized on the importance of these rules. Most of the rules were just kept inform of paper to justify the organization's alliance. And the organization needed to find other measures that were going to make sensitization on the need of these rules and regulations being adhered to for their safety.

For this reason, we had a few recommendations in place.it was recommended that the company should ensure that all the workers can are in the recommended safety attires in line with their work. A better emergency plan should be put like having an ambulance in case of a disaster even happened in the company.it was also recommended that the company they should take into action to repair the roofing that was leaking rainwater in the room. It was recommended that the company be in a position to organize training to educate all the employees on the rules, regulations, and policies of the WHS. also it was essential to sensitize on the importance of the regulations, policies, and regulation to the organization employee and employers.


Stergiou-Kita, M., el at. (2015). Danger zone: Men, masculinity and occupational health and safety in high risk occupations. Safety science, 80, 213-220.

Work health and safety. (2020, January 9). Retrieved from https://www.business.gov.au/Risk-management/Health-and-safety/Work-health-and-safety

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