Evaluation Essay on Highrise Company

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Date:  2022-04-11


The Highrise is among the fastest growing companies in the United States. The company is involved in the marketing of the health and fitting products that include the Gym equipment and physical training products such as the Yoga Mats. In the recent times, however, the company began the initiative to offer its new product, the Sensory Yoga Mats, which are the improved version of the available Mats in the industry. The sensory Yoga Mats are unique types of Mats that first of its kind because Highrise Company will be the pioneer company to provide and market these types of products within the health and fitness sector. Notably, products are fitted with the sensors, which gives an individual an opportunity to measure his performance while doing the training or fitness. In the same way, users can regulate the amount of temperature depending on their preferences. In the same way, the users can know the amount of time and energy they spent during their workouts or Yoga sessions and respond to any time or energy requirement as they may prefer. Highrise marketing team, therefore, targets all types of Yoga lovers from the age of 15 to 75.

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While the product may seem right, Highrise will not be able to sell and achieve the amount of revenue it desires if it utilizes ineffective marketing campaigns. It is based on the fact that today's advertising market combines the advantages of traditional, time-tested methods with up and coming ways to help increase the awareness of one's product (Slack, 2015). As part of the company's marketing campaign, I propose the brand awareness through directing marketing as a significant method to help improve the knowledge of the new Sensory Yoga mats that the company provides.

Direct Marketing Plan and Brand Awareness

The direct marketing plan is used by companies that want to promote its products and services directly to the consumers. The methods used in the delivery of this type of marketing plan include email, mobile messaging, interactive websites, promotional materials addressed to the consumers, printed media and materials, and through Television. Based on the fact that Highrise Company wants to promote its Sensory Yoga Mat product in the market, this type of marketing plan will tremendously work for it. In the case of the Highrise Company, the direct marketing with the aim of increasing the brand awareness of the newly introduced Sensory Yoga Mat will entail the following:

Create a Strong Web Presence

Creation of a fully responsive website to market the Sensory Yoga mat will be of great importance to the company. The responsiveness of the website, in this case, implies that the information within the website will remain the same irrespective of the medium that one uses to see the information about the Sensory Yoga Mats. With a stronger Information Technology team, Highrise Company will be needed to maintain consistency of this platform through an appropriate optimization of the search engine to appear high up as possible in the search results. It further implies that any move by the customer to use any keywords associated with the Sensory Yoga Mat, the product will automatically appear first. As a marketing executive, I recommend this strategy because it will also increase the company's search rankings and ultimately brand awareness.

Social Media Avenues

Highrise Company should establish its presence actively in the social media platforms such as the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and snapchats. This will undeniably ensure that it has the social media presence on all the platforms and help link back the website. Because its product, the Sensory Yoga Mat can be used by any person between the age of 15 and 75 irrespective of gender, all the social media users will be able to see it depending on the brand's information, which is customized to appear on the website. However, each platform has its target and use. Twitter, primarily, is word based whereas Instagram and Pinterest are visual platforms. The great graphics and photography about the sensory Yoga mats will increase the brand awareness, increase a direct interaction with the fan base, and establish tremendous and strong brand loyalty. Through this way, therefore, Highrise Company will be able to reach and attract high traffic to both the existing and prospective customers.

Traditional Print Media Advertising

The Highrise Company should not underestimate the roles that newspapers, magazines, and billboards have on increasing the brand awareness. This is based on the fact that the local media is still favored across specific demographics. The company should, therefore, consider leaning towards this direction especially if it wants its older clientele to know about the new Yoga mats fitted with sensors that it currently offers. This type of media will further help the marketing team identify where to place the ads with the aim of hitting the desired markets (Baker, 2014). The utilization of the billboards will also offer a guarantee of gathering the attention because of their digital nature, thus helping reduce the cost even further (Slack, 2015). Despite the fact that other companies, perhaps the Highrise's competitors use social media platform as part of their marketing plans, the use of billboards will help pack a two-for-one punch.

Radio and Podcasts

The radio and podcast will help establish brand awareness regarding the sensory yoga mat. Considering the company's primary intention to launch and increase the awareness of this unique type of yoga mats, it should consider paying for the hosts or DJs to mention their product (sensory yoga mat) in addition to its tremendous advantages. This strategy is mostly cost-effective in a reasonable manner, as it delivers immediate brand awareness to the companies. It can be repeated several times a day thus increasing the chances of people remembering the brand. Nearly everyone listens to Radio and Podcast. It will, therefore, be an advantage on the part of the Highrise Company for having its primary target audience reached through these strategies.


In sum, the marketing team for Highrise Company should consider taking time to craft its marketing action plan regarding the recommendations I have given as a marketing executive. It is undeniably a surefire way of not only increasing the brand awareness but also establishing a strong base of the customer's loyalty. Diversification of these approaches will ensure that people are aware of the sensory Yoga mat, in addition to the performance benefits associated with it. With all these choices to reach out to both existing clientele and the prospective ones, it will be easier for the company to launch its product and further build their loyalty.


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