Evaluation Essay on Hewlett-Packard (HP) Inc

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Date:  2022-06-10


This is the global principal computer maker, with its headquarters at Palo Anto, California in the United States. The company produces computer hardware, software and provides IT services and IT consulting (Khera, & Gulati, 2012). The company makes its money through producing a line of printers, computers, cameras, PDA's, servers, scanners, and calculators. The company enjoys regard in the market as incorporation that has managed to perform very well in the sophisticated computer and printing market. The company split the PC and printer business from enterprise products and services. During the split, Hewlett Packard changed to HP Inc. It means that HP Inc and Hewlett Packard are two publicly traded companies as a result of the division.

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Porter's Five Forces and HP Inc.According to Dobbs, (2014), Porter's five forces refers to a straightforward but powerful concept primarily used for understanding the competitiveness of a business environment. The concept also helps in identifying the best strategy for potential profitability. When one follows the forces that affect a business environment, there will be a possibility of adjusting the approach in the best way possible. Such forces include competitive enmity, the power of supplies, and the power of the buyer, substitution threat and threat of new entry.

About HP Inc, level of competitive enmity is (5). The threat of substitute products is (3), the suppliers' bargaining power is (1), and the buyers' bargaining power is (2) while the threat of new entrants is (5). The current competitive standing of this company is that there are other companies in the market producing the same products as HP Inc. Such companies include Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Samsung. Printing companies are Seiko, Epson, Samsung, and Canon among other companies.

Information Technology (IT) Organization/Department

HP Inc has an office of The Strategy and Technology Division that acts as the Informational technology department. It is the department that I would wish to work for I this company. This division reports to the Chief Information Officer (CIO)-Naresh Shanker. The company currently employs about forty-nine thousand employees after the formation of HP Inc (Khera, & Gulati, 2012). Among these 49,000, employees, this personnel is categorized into different function and service groups to provide technical support to the customers.

The President and the CEO of HP Inc are Dion Weisler. He is a global leader in innovative personal computing services. The Chief technology officer is Shane Wall who doubles as the worldwide head of all the HP laboratories. He is the person who drives the technology and vision strategy and the head of the division that I would wish to work for after graduating. He reports to the CEO. This organization provides its services from in-house providers only. At the moment, the company has advertised various job positions on their website. The most interesting posts that I might want to do are the positions of Operations Manager (Palo, Alto, California), Fitsation Software Manager (San Diego, California), and Software Development Architect-Custom Solutions position (Bengaluru, India).

The Needs and Requirements

The necessary skills required by this company for the fitsation software manager are exposure to software platforms, familiarity with the various software system blueprint and languages, exceptional written and spoken skills and outstanding critical and problem-solving skills. The credentials required or highly desirable for this position is a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in computer science, or Information technology or any other equivalent qualification. However, the position requires ten years experience in the area of software computing. Some of the big projects that HP Inc is working on currently are HP Photo Creations and 3-D Printing. Currently, the significant challenges that HP Inc faces are competition from other software and hardware companies.


E. Dobbs, M. (2014). Guidelines for applying Porter's five forces framework: a set of industry analysis templates. Competitiveness Review, 24(1), 32-45.

https://h30631.www3.hp.com/search-jobsKhera, S. N., & Gulati, K. (2012). Human resource information system and its impact on human resource planning: A perceptual analysis of information technology companies. IOSR Journal of Business and Management, 3(6), 6-13.

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