Evaluating Performance Measures in Nursing Homes Paper Example

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Effective quality healthcare management entails the provision of quality services in the entire health facility with the aim of improving the general operation within the healthcare organisation (Powers et al. 2018). It is imperative to note that, the quality of service offered to the patient with regards to examination, diagnosis, as well as general prevention of diseases, is one essential requirement in an organised health care facility. The ideally the concept behind the provision of quality healthcare management entirely depends strongly on the idea of customer's satisfaction.

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It is for this reason that, the modern healthcare facilities solely rely on the effective management strategies to help effectively attend to the patients as required by the laid down regulation. Significantly, the central concern of this paper is to unravel the differences which exist among health facility within the same region (Powers et al. 2018).

Comparison between Isabella Nursing home 515 and Beth Israel Nursing Home 612

Isabella Nursing home 515

A close health inspection at Isabella Nursing home 515 reveals that the nursing home is one of the most recognised healthcare facilities by the centre for Medicare Services (CMS) (Paoletti 2018). Upon assessment, it is noted that the nursing homes tend to provide the high quality nursing home services with the aim of improving the lives of the patients in critical medical attention. Following the in-depth survey, it is indicated that through the health inspection the patients can quickly gauge the quality of services offered at each healthcare facilities.

The rating inspection ranks Nursing home 515 at three out of five stars; this indicates that though the entire health care needs little more attention on the general manager to guarantee effective and quality service delivery (Paoletti 2018). At Isabella nursing home, staffing granted the maximum opportunity and all the sectors allocated with enough medical practitioner to effectively carry out their duties effectively. Such areas include the occupational therapist, personal Care or Support non -Hospice, home health alongside the home health aides who effectively offer quality services to the patients.

Beth Israel Nursing Home 612

At Beth Israel, Nursing Home following close inspections portrays a more motivated team of more experienced nurses and doctors who conduct their duties effectively to enhance quality service delivery in the healthcare facility (Blain & Boddaert 2018). Notably, the surrounding seems reasonable, and the patient enjoys service at more affordable prices as compared to Isabella Nursing home. Generally, the health inspection places the general management and service delivery at Beth Israel Nursing Home at above average. Notably, the massive facility parked with up to 520 beds highly recommended by the Medicare services to offer the health care services to the patients.

As compared to Isabella nursing homes, Beth Israel Nursing Home are composed of a team of experienced and qualified doctors if various departments such as the primary care services, paediatrics, orthopaedic surgeons a well as the cardiologists. It is imperative to affirm that, at Beth Israel, Nursing Home. The quality management strategies have entirely been taken into account to allow effective quality health care services(Blain & Boddaert 2018). With regards` to the quality measures in health care, both Isabella and Beth Israel Nursing Homes have fully employed some of the relevant measures required for the effective health care service delivery.

The leadership skills alongside customer care strategies are fully employed by the nursing homes enhance customer's satisfaction. On the other hand, regular healthcare inspection, as well as the effective staffing, seems to be the sole quality measures to the active service delivery in the entire health care facility.


In summary, the sensitivity in the health care demands the adoption of relevant quality measures effectively provides the quality of services needed by the patients.

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