Ethnic Diversity in the United States Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-22

Article 1: Summary of flux and choice in American ethnicity

In summary, the ethnic diversity witnessed in the United States is the perennial concern which has adverse effects on the entire society (Haines 285-312). The article tends to focus on the religious interest, the Roman Catholic being the dominant religion with massive followers which predominantly and independently provide the platform for ethnic segregation. The ultimate decay of the sociological aspects which follows the ancestral lineage depends entirely on the evolutionary elements which create the demographic boundaries resulting into socioeconomic discrimination as well as the residential segregation which many people interviewed cannot adequately define its root course.

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Imperatively, in entire Europe the adoption of affirmative action alongside the effective voting rights as the most negated guiding principles to attaining social mobility. The white man's emigrants such as the American blacks, Indians among others was due to the ability to welcome the concept of diversity along sociological aspects. Contrastingly, the Americans believe that the ethnical identification involves both choice and constraints and that the people beliefs about the racial or ethical boundaries depend on the biological attributes of an individual (Haines 285-312).

Article 2: Ethnic options, choosing identities in America

The ethical character in the United States is traced along the genetic backgrounds and has its roots in the social demographics such as the racial segregation, religion among others. The manner in which the Americans reckon kinship based on the parental genetical material which they contribute equally to the offspring in the equal amounts. Besides, one could quickly change the ethical identity over time and not necessarily it has to be from my parents. The children of mixed marriages often show a reliable identification and can make an interactional choice since they mingle a lot with others (Elbel et al. 1110-1121).

On the same account, the article reveals that women at times can resort into distorting their moral obligation to the ethnical identification where they tend to press husbands ancestry to match that of the maternal lineage evidenced in the period of separation along the descent. Similarly, in America, the concept of choosing the ethical identity also revolve around the governmental laws and the social constraints which define the nature in which individuals gain the ethnical identities in the United States. Besides, from the article, the self-identification is also witnessed among the married women and less educated who can opt to distort the general idea on the ancestral background.

Personal reflection and thought

I agree with the insightful analysis on how the ethnical diversity as well as the ethical identity in the United States. It is imperative to note that, the religious factors have an enormous impact on the high rated racism which provides a medium upon which different ethnic adversities rely. The sensation and the free effects of the ethnical diversity trigger major criticism on the entire globe. On the other hand, choosing of ethical identities in the United States has a genetical background alongside the social demographics such as the racial and the religious segregation which sparkled irritating feeling among the affected individual in the society.

The general questions

  • Is racism global concern?

The concerns on the racial segregation poised perennial adversity among the affected individuals in the society. Notably, racism due to skin color, ethnical background as well as religious factors ails many nations to date including the United States. The magnitude of the stereotype which faces the ethnically segregated persons requires rapid approach with practical measures.

  • What is gender disparity a global concern?

The ideal situation where the male and female receive different reception in both the social, political and economic demographics poised a major social challenge. The concept of the gender disparity requires the adoption of a practical approach which aims at attaining equity in all the social demographics.

  • Does technological advancement a health concern in the United States?

The massive technological advancement in line with the societal needs in the United States has an enormous health hazard which requires serious attention. Imperatively, the over-reliance on technology generally causes psychological, depression and negative repercussion on the physical health (Rip 35-47).

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