Ethics and Quantitative Business Research Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-22

Business research plays a very critical role in availing executive knowledge and information regarding the organization, economy, market structure, sales, and finance. Thus enables business managers and employees to make superior and rational resolution grounded on the results and information provided by the research (Darawsheh, 2014). Ethics has become the very foundation for carrying out a significant and effective business research to ensure that protection of human participants is guaranteed. Ethics ensures that all research human participants are well-informed consent, and have significant information that they should possess, including the possible risks as well as the potential merits of the research (Lock & Seele, 2015).

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During the research process, there should be Reliable and Valid Measures as both relate to quantitative research. Therefore, all the outcomes should always be focused on incorruptible information to positively influence future research (Wallace & Sheldon, 2014). Additionally, focusing on incorruptible information will also underpin the outcomes of the research. During research, reliability, and validity as the cornerstones which evaluation of study should be grounded on as it utilizes experimental measures and approaches to test the hypothesis for researchers who undertake in quantitative studies (Darawsheh, 2014).

According to Lock & Seele (2015), the insinuation of inappropriate measures during research may cause havoc to business users, may cause social effect and adverse negative impact on the economy. Therefore, it is very significant for probationer researcher to understand the ramifications of using inappropriate data and information, and therefore, they should avoid making mistakes and be very keen to identify errors in all measurements. Additionally, Darawsheh argued that young researcher should also be very vigilant in employing control measures and considering all statistical assumptions that might have been made during research, thus positively impacting organization's decision making, growth, and development (2014). In Ethical outcomes of quantitative research, applications of ethical principles are very much essential as they assist in distinguish wrong and right, acceptable and unacceptable behaviors concerning research. For the success of an organization and the safety of human participants in every given research, it is advisable to employ ethical practices for an effective outcome (Wallace & Sheldon, 2014).


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