Organizational Development OD Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-03

Organizations get established for different purposes but require sound management skills as espoused by Brown and Harvey. The development of firms can only occur if the OD practitioner applies certain abilities attached to personal, project management, leadership, communication, interpersonal and problem skills. The essential nature of the OD skills can only be highlighted or realized through the achievement of the OD goals. Therefore, this paper discusses organizational development while examining the six skills of Gebelein which are critical for the achievement of the OD goals.

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Problem-solving skills anticipate the challenges that face practitioners in organizations when implementing advanced solutions aimed at curbing such (Lussier, & Achua, 2015). Therefore one must constantly focus on the next set issues that consistently emerge. For instance, the settlement of the issue should not delude someone into forgetting the likelihood of the occurrence of another one. Interpersonal skills on the other hand endeavor to promote relationship building within an enterprise. OD practitioner facilitates the change process by implementing associated skills altogether.

Personal skills provide for one to develop confidence that can significantly propel challenging decision making. It provides furtherance of new skills as the OD practitioner tries difficult ideas and examine their viability (Lussier, & Achua, 2015). Leadership skills inform critical component of OD as it enables the practitioner to imagine situations and deliver appropriate guidance that would align the team. Institutions operate like a society where basic interaction occurs and, therefore, communication skills become important (Lussier, & Achua, 2015). It is a skill that enables teams to disseminate information within their workplace. OD practitioners utilize communication skills to explain confusing issues and points to the rest of the members. Organizations produce various products that require succinct planning that can only get achieved through the use of project management skills (Lussier, & Achua, 2015). The skills associated with the aforementioned ones enable the OD practitioner to approach challenges with precision while advancing the fundamentals of risk management.

As an OD practitioner, I have developed the usage of these six skills as advanced by Brown and Harvey. For instance, I utilize personal skills in approaching confusing issues that sometimes become dilemmatic in solving. Confidently, I can reduce the number of people to engage in decision making through the use of personal skill. The skills of problem-solving inform one of my abilities when dealing with problematic issues like a difficult team in an institution.

I use risk management skills as a component of project management in deciding processes and procedures of work assignment within an institution. Proper leadership is an ingredient of success in OD and I espouse viable leadership principles like democracy when seeking a consensus on an issue. I build bridges with my seniors and juniors through the use of interpersonal skills within an establishment. Finally, open communication potentially builds confidence in transacting venture's business. Therefore, I practice face to face communication which aids speedy feedback when pursuing an issue.

However, I would develop further leadership skills since it is my belief that everybody can lead to an open structure of administration and management. My democratic nature of administering and managing team compels me to integrate it with liberalism. It should be taken that freedom viably makes people independent which is one thing that OD requires if practitioners are to attain its goals.


In conclusion, OD can only get achieved through the use of the six skills which include personal, interpersonal, problem-solving, project management, leadership and communication skills as discussed in this paper.


Lussier, R. N., & Achua, C. F. (2015). Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development. Nelson Education.

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