Essentials of Business Law Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-06

What must Dewey Love prove to be successful in his defamation claim?

From the story, Dewey Love must have a prove that Anytown article printed is a defamatory and a false statement concerning him. Dewey is identified to be having a strong case against Sam and if Dewey can manage to get the copies of statements made by Sam that he posted on social media demonstrating that he "Just made up some facts" is very clear evidence that the defamation took place. Everything is not lost in this case, even though Sam deleted the statements. Through a court order, it is very possible to gain evidence since it can be pulled out from the social media histories. As reported by Liuzzo, it is important to note that defamation involves the process of making sure that an individual's reputation is tampered with through communication of false statement (Liuzzo, 2016). This is exactly what happened to Sam, and it is quite amazing how Sam had to incriminate himself on social media by admitting it. If in any case Dewey didn't recognize or even knew about social media post, he can also work on disapproving the statement by demonstrating that he was neither behind drug use nor even child support.

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What can Anytown argue to the court, or present as evidence at trial, to defend against Love's claim for defamation?

It is important to note that unless Anytown can manage to get the proof on the issue to deal with drug abuse and skipped child support, it will be possible for them to have to reach back out to the source so as to come up with a testimony about the source. Since the source focused much on a different Dewey then it is very clear that in this case, that she will testify will be damaging and not helpful in the process(Liuzzo,2016). However, in either case, Anytown is not having a serious case, since they made a great mistake of not checking their facts before giving chance the opportunity to publish his article. As a result, Anytown, in this case, would be held guilty of defamation on the grounds of libel- "the general spread of damaging statement in a format that involves writing.

Sam sues the Anytown Times and requests the court require the newspaper to give him back his job as a reporter. What is the most likely legal reason the newspaper can use to substantiate Sam's firing?

In this case, it is significant to consider the fact that relying on the contract that was actually signed before the process of higher, Sam is considered to have broken most of the rules in the process. In any employment agreements, there exist some of the confidentiality agreement that should be adhered to. Sam made a great mistake since as he was posting some of the confidential information about impending rises and advertising costs, this was not right and his action was actually breaking the confidentiality clause(Liuzzo,2016). From a general view, this is actually the main cause that led to the termination of their employment agreements. Through the article that Sam posted, he ended up putting Anytown at great risk with his article. This happened because Sam didn't take time to check the facts that he was possessing and through an open conversation, he was in agreement and even admitted that he made initiative of printing out false information and this would be one of the great reasons that facilitated the termination process.


Liuzzo, Anthony L. (2016) Essentials of Business Law. New York, New York. Mc Graw Hill

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