Essay Sample on Values Stressed in China and Japan Society

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Date:  2022-11-14


Cultural values are significant influences in any country and usually determine the psychology of a nation. Typically these values are unique to a country and will always be the trademark of the people in the country. Values are important as they determine how people live with each other as well as treat visitors. Most of the countries have values and traditions that have been passed for many years. Among the countries that have good values are Japan and China. These two Asian countries uphold their values and culture making them envy many. The values in China and Japan stem from their communistic nature and influence in terms of being Confucianism.

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One of the most exceptional values in China is harmony. Harmony is a value that is very important in China, and when we are talking about harmony, we are looking at proper coordination between things. This value is very critical as it stresses the need to have harmony between humankind and nature, between different classes of people, and also between the people and the society they live in. This value is also in Japan where contemporary society believes and values the creation of harmony with others. It is done through reciprocity and even though the fulfillment of the obligations given by society (Roberts and Westad). Living in harmony brings peace in Japan and China, and the value is passed and very important. Both countries emphasize the benefits of harmony where the children are taught from an early age that fulfillment will always come from having a close association with other people. The value of harmony makes people have a peaceful co-existence.

The other value that is very common in Japan and China is empathy and human relations. The people value the relationship between people and socially sustainable society. The societies here recognize that they are part of a society that lives with interdependence from the family all the way to the whole society (Roberts and Westad). This is, therefore, the reason that they emphasize the value of preserving the human relationship. Most of the people do not like confrontations because they believe in maintaining positive relationships. He value is spread all around the society making the society appear as one unit rather than a competition. The society does believe in maintaining oneness and positive human relationships that define the aspects of harmonious living.Both China and Japan have the influence of Confucianism which emphasizes accepting the social role that the society gives each one. The issue of hierarchy as a natural order is embedded in the society which defines most of the social interactions (Slote and George). The aspects that define social interactions include education, age, gender as well as occupation. They value maintaining their values at all time and not going against the values that have been set.

The other value that is very important in the two societies is benevolence which is a core value, especially in Confucianism. This extends the importance of family ties as well as blood connections. This value of benevolence is not only in family ties, but it is extended to all friendships and social relationships (Slote and George). This includes the values of justice, courtesy, wisdom, and discipline.

From the above, we can see that the values in China and Japan are almost the same in many aspects and this is because there was the aspect of Confucianism which has formed a lot of the values that are common in the countries.

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