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The political system was tribal governance centered in the tribal chiefs also known as the Sheikhs/rulers. The Sheikh governed in consultation with the elders and prominent members of the tribe, village or town. But in reality, the Sheikhs made most decisions on their own with limited input from others. The Sheikh judged disputes between tribes and individuals, maintained the government coffers and treasury, declared war and negotiated peace, levied taxes and tariffs, received foreign representatives and signed agreements on behalf of his people. Today, the different states of the UAE comprise of different sheikhdoms which govern within their territories with Abu Dhabi having the largest sheikhdom amongst the rest

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Social Environment

The society consisted of a few prominent merchants and the ruling family who had homes made of earth/clay. Majority of the poor people lived in barasti houses built from the large leafy branches of the palm trees. Every man, woman, and child worked hard in the sun. Women were in charge of the household and the children. Women married to the fishermen would sell the fish in the market. There was no education; hence children worked as soon s they were able to, the boys would join their fathers in pearl diving to help the family with the expenses at home. Most people were poor and wore simple clothes around their waist with bare feet. Traveling was by caravans and on camels for days. People used wood as fuel for their cooking fires during these days. Today, the rulers introduced city planning with great amenities such as adequate housing for all, schools, clean, pure drinking water, available domestic help to help the women in chores. Modern-day traveling that is faster and more convenient

Dimension Before 1971 Today

Economic Environment

Most people along the coastal shores were fishermen, pearl divers, seafarers, and boatbuilders. Also, the inland territories had some agricultural activities like growing dates. They also traded pearls in exchange for necessities from foodstuff to cloths.

Today, the UAE has become more known worldwide because of its vast abundance of oil reserves and the role it plays in the world's energy market

Cultural Environment

Most people were seasonal dwellers and nomads; the former were pearl divers while the later practiced animal husbandry. Traditions were passed down to generations. Many people practiced Islam, everyone knew each other due to the sparse population, and there was peace. Each tribe had its customs and unique traditions that were used as a tool of communication and everyday living and helped determine friend from foe. A hospitality culture of offering food and protection to visitors developed. Today, visitors are still offered beverage /coffee as a sign of welcoming hospitality before stating their agenda. The greater UAE still practices Islam. However, the population has immensely grown due to the growing economy and migration.

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