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One of the most important cashier management strategies is cashier training and development. The training to execute their effectively and efficiently and development can significantly reduce cashier turnover. Cashier turnover rate can only increase due to job dissatisfaction. Job satisfaction only occurs if cashiers find the work easy to do which can only be achieved if the cashiers are well trained. In the case of Grand View Grocers Corporation case, Grand View Grocers Corporation should have conducted cashier orientation, upgrade its training plan, and train its staff to use the technologies. The following are the training methods that Grand View Grocers Corporation should implement. These skills would help the cashier improve their personality, resolve customer issues, and perform their duties.

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Description of the Training Method or a Combination of Recommended Training Methods

Technology-Based Training

Grand View Grocers Corporation is mainly a technology-intensive organization where stocks movements are tracked using technology. There are PC based programs and interactive media that can be used to train the cashiers in the conferences room (Wei Tian, Cordery & Gamble, 2016). The technology would take the cashiers through the process of identifying objects, actions, and events and processing information through compiling, coding, categorizing, calculating, tabulating, auditing, or verifying information or data. The programs can be distributed to the cashiers to review or watch at their free time at home. This way, Grand View Grocers Corporation can reduce the cost of training cashiers by providing them with interactive multimedia that they can watch on demand. It is also advantageous to the cashiers because of the flexibility of accessing the training at their conveniences. The training would also get the latest version of the training manual that is updated with the current user interface and work environment that are exposed to.


The cashiers can also be made to carry out a simulation of the work processes. The simulators can be improved to imitate the real retail experiences and using the virtual reality programs, they can be made to interact with the customer and other staff members to improve their service delivery (Wei Tian, Cordery & Gamble, 2016). Simulation on how to get information by observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources will be done using preprogrammed simulators. Simulations also a cheaper means of training the cashiers as the simulation software once developed can be used to train several cashiers. It is also effective because the cashiers would get an opportunity to work in a simulated environmental similar to their real work environment where the challenges are experienced as if they were real. Cashiers can learn how to respond to different challenges and situations in a simulated environment.

Coaching or Mentoring

The cashiers can also be coached and mentored by their fellow cashiers. Coaching and mentoring is an effective method for cashier training because they work or shadow the experienced professionals. The mentors have all the experiences having worked in Grand View Grocers Corporation for a long time and have learned how to handle diverse situations. The cashiers can also be coached by an external professional in the field on cashier related functions and duties. Professional coaches can provide executive coaching to all cashiers both new and older cashiers at a fee. The cashiers would get a chance to ask any question and be provided with immediate and thoughtful answers. Coaching and mentorship are however costly to Grand View Grocers Corporation and the coach would be paid per hour and considering the number of cashiers to be coached. Cashiers would be mentored on how to receive payment by cash, check credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits, Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers. The mentors will also teach the new recruits on how to manage cash in the drawers, greet customers entering the establishment and resolve customer complaints.

Role Playing

Role-playing is also another training method that would be effective in ensuring that the cashiers would deliver and never think of leaving Grand View Grocers Corporation. Through role-playing, the cashiers would act out several issues that are likely to occur in their workplaces and the key skills that they can use to overcome those issues. For example, they will play roles on how to answer customers' questions, and provide information on procedures or policies, keep periodic balance sheets of amounts and numbers of transactions, and gift-wrap merchandise, Process returns, and exchanges (Murtha, 1994). All cashiers will role-play and learn how to react to different scenario until all the possible issues are solved. Role-play is, however, time-consuming and should be properly scheduled to avoid consuming cashier's time and affecting other cashiers' effectiveness.

Justification of the Chosen Range of Training Methods

The training methods are chosen based on a number of criteria including effectiveness in solving the probers, the costs consideration, return on investments, time intensiveness, Legal compliances a contribution to the organization is bottom-line.

Solution to a Problem

The main cause of cashier turn is job dissatisfaction. The cashiers are leaving because they do not find satisfaction in the job. Therefore, the combination of cashier training method is selected because they are can effectively reduce cashier job dissatisfaction by increasing job complexity, redoing time stress and providing the cashiers with easier ways to do the jobs without feeling burnout (Kim, 2005). The training would provide the cashiers with necessary skills to execute their duties and meet the performance standards set by Grand View Grocers Corporation.


Cashier training and development is costly and the most effective way to training cashiers without including cost is only by providing computer based training such as tutorials and simulation. This way, his management would not have to hire external trainers and coaches to train the cashiers which would increase the cost of cashier acquisitions which is high when using lecturing methods and boot camp to train cashiers (Mandhanya, 2015). Grand View Grocers Corporation's priorities and finances would not limit cashier training if computer based training methods are used. The total cost of training would be significantly reduced if technology-based training methods are used

Return on Investment

The value of expenditure that Grand View Grocers Corporation would incur compared to the benefit of cashier training and development must be positive. The training should not take long or interfere with Grand View Grocers Corporation's overall productivity. The cost of training is reduced and the return on the cashier training and development would be positive which maximizes the return on investment.

Legal Compliance

The retail market is a highly regulated industry which means that there are legal compliances that Grand View Grocers Corporation has to make. All training methods used must be legal and must meet the federal, state as well as industry laws (Marsikova & Slaichova, 2015). Grand View Grocers Corporation will only pursue training methods that are legal and would not affect the cashier's training licenses. That is why the chosen training methods are given priority.


Time is of the essence in this industry. Therefore, the chosen training methods should not be time intensive or labor intensive. The chosen training methods would be conducted after work or the cashiers can be given the videos to watch at home or the simulation packages to use at home after work. This way, the training would not eat into Grand View Grocers Corporation's daily working time.


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