Essay Sample on the War Between the Evil and the Divine Within: Exploring Truth, Sight, and Vision

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Date:  2023-02-12


There are two Biblical accounts which have some similarities and differences. One of them is chapter one of John Eldredge's book ''Waking the Dead,'' and the other one is John 10:10. They explore almost on similar topics and themes, with some slight differences in their nature. Chapter one of John Eldredge's book explores on several topics, which include truth, sight, and vision, full living, glory, as well as the war which we have to fight on to remain on the course of wishes and will of God in us (Eldredge, 2006). For the case of John 10:10, it explores on the fact that as the thief came with the sole missions of stealing, killing, and destroying, Jesus Christ came to bring life to be lived to the fullest. The comparison and contrast of the two Biblical accounts are as brought out in the subsequent paragraphs.

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First, it can be observed that chapter one of John Eldredge's book delves into the need for the acquisition of God-given truth. As the chapter begins, the author admits that there are a lot of truths which are to be covered along the length of the book. In this regard, since the chapter is long, the author turns back to God for assistance to only navigate the useful lines in the book, that will grant all the desired truth plus his divine truth written in the heart of the author (Eldredge, 2006). In the end, the author cites that it will lead to the acquisition of the spiritually relevant truth of life. However, John 10:10 does not cover, as a pretext, the desire of divine truth. Subsequently, the book descends to a story in which the author narrates the adventure to Fairweather Mountain, which means that in life, we do not always know the exact direction and our future, hence we navigate through faith. It is a story which bears semblance to the uncertainties in John 10:10 where we are not entirely in the know of the life to fully live as offered by Jesus.

Besides, chapter one of John Eldredge's book explores the need for God-given vision to discern what is going on around us as counselors. It is because there are the happenings in our lives which need God-given wisdom and vision to understand them (Eldredge, 2006). As we pray, sometimes they are delayed or not answered at all, and we tend to worry about the intentions of God in us. However, it takes his discerning eyes in us to fully understand his workings and intentions in our lives. For the case of John 10:10, it can be seen that Jesus Christ promises of life to be fully lived where he will go against all the evil plans in our lives, which have been streamlined to steal, kill, and destroy us.

There is an aspect of similarity between the two Biblical accounts, about the fact that God is at war against the evil, alongside the need for use to e prepared to fight to maintain his glorious wishes in us. In the chapter one of John Eldredge's book, war against the evil acts as the backdrop of the story, where there is need for us to acquire divine insight, original glory, as well as readiness to fight to offset the evil plans, coupled with the need to maintain the path as per the wishes of God. The author cites that God is at war for us, and he is fighting for our freedom and restoration, and he is bringing back the original glory to keep us in the light and avoid evil ways experienced in the Fall, as corroborated in 2nd Corinthians 3:1 which talks of God's transformation of man from glory to glory (The Holy Bible: New International Version, 2011). For the case of John 10:10, the verse goes ''the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.'' It can be observed that it has a semblance of divine power which is coming to counter the evil plans of stealing, killing, and destroying. In this case, the central theme is that of war between the evil and the divine power over the servants of God. As the devil plans the dreadful on the people, Jesus Christ has opted to intervene and restore the lives of the people as per the intentions of God. Discerningly, it can be observed that it can be a way of answering our prayers, whereby as humans, we might be walking on our activities, which without discerning wisdom, we tend to believe that they are right. The devil uses attractive things to lure and trap God's people. However, through our constant prayers, God's presence in us is alive, and he thus opts to break our unintended chains with the devil, hence setting us free in God's ways as per the desires of our hearts. Such is in line with Luke 9:34 which states ''then they will see the son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory,'' in the process of countering the devil (Edwards, 2012).


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