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Team building is all about appreciating, understanding, developing, and making the best use of the people in the team. It makes people productive, motivated, happy, and efficient together. Team building is usually fundamental when it comes to the overall performance of the team, whether business or sporting clubs. The benefit that is gained by any business or club by undertaking team building program includes teamwork, communication, leadership, fun bonding, respect, trust, morale, culture, confidence, and results (Richardson. ,2018).

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Music Lessons

Music is like any other business it is about leadership, followership, and listening. People who are interested in music need to build trust in themselves because while singing; you have to do your part as an individual rather than evaluating how others are doing. Music needs people who are risk takers because there is no guarantee of success. Finally, music needs people who have confidence in themselves (Jones. ,2019).

Overcome the 8 Barriers to Confidences

Confidence is all about the expectation of constructive outcomes at the end. Confident people put a lot of effort, invest in resources and time, and strive to achieve goals. There are confidence barriers that each need to overcome that includes: self-defeating assumption, goals that are too distant, doing alone, announcing victory too soon, defensiveness, blaming others, overconfidence and neglecting to forestall setbacks (Kanter. ,2014).

Building Self- Efficacy

Self-efficacy is the belief that people have in their abilities and competencies. It influences peoples' thoughts, actions, motivations, and emotions. There are salient sources that can improve and increases self-efficacy that includes: mastery experience, modeling experience, vicarious experience, and physical and emotional experiences (Chowdhury. ,2019).

Building Employee Confidence

Leaders are responsible for building employee's confidence. There are seven ways that leaders can build confidence on employees that includes: not assuming they know how good they are, acknowledging their weaknesses, encouraging them to say in public their achievements, when they do well acknowledge it immediately, help them know their strengths and capitalize on them, plan for their future and create small victories( American Management Association. ,2014)Three keys to building trust.

Trust is a fundamental thing because all the positive working relationship come as a result of trust. People should understand that trust is a good thing that when it is lost, it's hard to recapture. Trust can be built between employees and managers through the following ways limit lecturing, listen to learn, and by working smarter (Marshall. ,2019).

Want High Performing Teams? Balance Tasks and Relationships

For high performances, people need to balance the task and relationship. Balancing the relationship need people to critically look at their team and conclude where they can find the balanced action-orientation and thinking they need (Miller. ,2015) As for the task, people need to think about all the important ways the team can approach work and how does it affect the task.

Are the Seattle Seahawks Creating a New Model for Corporate Culture?

Seattle Seahawks have changed the corporate culture. The change turns out to be the most successful, indeed. Seattle Seahawks are letting the employees be themselves both on and off the field (Mckissen. ,2016). They encourage employees that being themselves is by talking about divisive issues like politics, race, and faith.

Competition of Collaboration: Which Will Help Your Team Produce Better Results?

What can help the team produce the best between competition and collaboration is collaboration. Collaboration creates a culture that produces the best results because it makes people understand individual strength. So, they can pool those strengths and use them for a common vision (Hayashi. ,2017).

More "boomerang" employees return to Microsoft as corporate culture shifts. Seattle Times, 3/3/18, Business Technology, by Rachel Lerman

More 'boomerang 'employees return to Microsoft as cultural changes shift. The reason is that after Nadella took over as CEO, he enhances teamwork among employees to build one another, unlike the previous CEO. He further adopts the emerging technologies and encourages group accountability (Lerman. ,2018).

Collaboration Beats Smarts in Group Problem Solving

Collaboration beats are smart when it comes to group solving problem. Many researchers have found that collaborative groups whereby members converse with equal involvement are more well-organized at finishing given tasks. Also, they produce best results than the groups that are subjugated by individuals (Palca. ,2010). In short, groups should consider multiple perspectives.


All people strived to achieve their goals and goals form part and parcel of every aspect of life. People should go for smart goals. This means people should look for goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (Tom & Benjamin. ,2016). In doing so, people will get to know what they want to achieve.

Interesting Video on Motivation

People are motivated by money when it comes to straight forward task. Promising people that individuals who stand out with high performance get more money make them motivated. However, for the complicated task that requires cognitive skills using money as a factor does not work. In any organization to be motivated and successful, they should work in autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

The Power of Introverts

The power of introverts is great because they bring out great abilities and talents to the world. Therefore, individuals who are introverts should be celebrated and cherished. They have a lot of stimulation, especially when it comes to creativity (Cain. ,2012). Introverts prefer to work for themselves to come up with a unique solution rather than working together. Later they share to the rest of the group, and that makes them good.

What Is Psychological Capital?

Psychological capital is build based on four components that are hope, self-efficacy, optimism, and resilience. Hope is responsible for giving out power and way for individuals to accomplish goals. Self-efficacy gives personal confidence to complete objectives or given task successfully. As for optimism, it gives assurance of positive outcomes. Finally, resilience gives the ability to bounce back in case of adversity (Luthans F. ,2012).

How to Develop Confidence Speaking

To develop confidence in speaking you are required do the following; expect to be nervous, prepare, practice, breathe, rehearse, have a focus on the audience, simplify, visualize success, connect with the audience, and finally act confident. In doing so, people will have overcome the fear of public speaking (Witt. ,2019).

The Agenda - Grassroots Leadership

Six principles have made USS Benfold to have grassroots leadership that includes: do not just take command but communicate the purpose, as leaders you listen without prejudice, practice discipline without formalism, successful teams perform with dedication, correct change is permanent, and the best leader gives out responsibility but not orders (Labarre. ,1999).


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