Essay Sample on Supervising Former Peers

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Date:  2022-07-27


Moving up in a company is accompanied by some challenges. The more the vertical movement within an organization, a leader moves away from tactical decisions towards strategic decisions. However, when there is a promotion, there is a possibility of one managing former peers. The author offers insight into the supervision of former peers when one is newly promoted. The author first highlights the common mistakes that new managers make. These include failure to establish credibility as a boss, harsh assertion of authority, failure to give honest feedback appropriately. Additionally, new managers tend to do the work themselves instead of developing the skills of their employees (Burke & Hughey, n.d.). There is also the assumption that employees know what is required of them without specific instructions. A new manager is advised to get a mentor who offers insights concerning a similar experience. It is important to be adequately prepared which entails seeking help from the manager and also utilizing the supervisory training available. Change is inevitable and despite it being hard to accept, it is important to embrace that change (Burke & Hughey, n.d.). As a new manager, it is essential to ensure you build alliances and friendships, socializing equitably and promoting equality for all. It is necessary to build goodwill and build a foundation as a new manager who has experience on what the employees' experience.

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The main points directly relate to the main terms, concepts, and vocabularies. The reading outlines concepts in management which concern supervision of peers after promotion. The author articulates carefully the dos and donts of a new manager to ensure success. It is a critical aspect since often, new managers are confused on how to manage employees they previously considered peers. The points outlined are critical for supervision of peers and can determine the failure or success of a new manager. I totally agree with the author's claims. A change in an organization is inevitable it needs to be carefully eased into the organization culture to avoid resistance. The article describes mistakes made by new managers and how to deal with them and these insights are a necessity in today's business environment. An applicable experience can be viewed in the school setting whereby a class representative is viewed to be on the side of the administration. Careful strategies need to be utilized for everyone to feel decisions are made in their interest.

Similar to this reading, there are other articles that offer similar or complementing knowledge on the subject. Gallo (2012) explain to formers peers can be managed. There are suggestions of ways this situation can be handled effectively. These include signaling the transition, tread lightly, establish your authority and distance yourself from personal friendships. It is important for the new manager to take actions that promote their credibility. It is also important to ensure you show that you care about those employees who needed the same promotion. Winters (2013) discusses the challenges encountered in the management of friends and former peers. The solutions offered include establishing credibility, eliminating the cases of favoritism and ensuring there is frank, open communication. The information provided in these articles reinforces the statement made in the course readings. They all highlight the potential issues that new managers face in the management of former peers. They also explain the ways a new manager can deal with these challenges.


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