Free Report - Securing Bi Visual Solutions: Operating System and Database Infrastructure

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The operating system is managed by the processors and other resources that are of a parallel computing system. Multiple scenarios of one operating system and the overall runtime system form one of the parallel operating systems. The operating system is prone to threats and vulnerabilities caused by a risk that should be managed by anti-malware, which will provide full protection to the operating system. Strategies are formulated and effected to guide all processes in mitigating the risk that can be faced by Bi Visuals Solution Company.

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Describe threats and vulnerabilities associated with at least two operating systems

Operating system operations and the process work with the kernel in a designated way as per the instructions given. Sometimes if it does a malicious task, it creates threats with one of the threats being the programs installed in the computer which at some point can store and send useful user credentials via some networks to the hackers. Also, a worm is an operation in which the process can be choked down, thus affecting the whole performance and at the same time using the system resources. It generates multiple copies which can shut down the whole network of Bi visual solutions.

Furthermore, operating system threats and vulnerabilities create an environment where the operating system resources are misused, such as the denial of service where the whole system prevents the users from making use of the legitimate network system. For example, the user at some point may not be able to completely use the internet if at any point denial of services does attack the browser setting and the entire content.

Describe an anti-malware solution for the organization and indicate which operating system it supports.

Avast anti-virus protection and removal offers the best and most competent protection of the internet. It's very famous because it provides free anti-virus software, it always comes with a bulled anti-malware feature that uses behaviour monitor for it to spot rogue programs. The most exciting thing about Avast is the fact that despite being free, it provides free mobile protection. In addition to the organization, it must pay for the internet security options to be covered in a wide range according to their needs. It's worth noting that Avast operates in Microsoft Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, and macOS, and it's available in 45 different languages which will make it easy for Bi Visual solutions to use it.

Furthermore, Kaspersky Anti-virus for reliable malware protection for the experts and beginners as another excellent anti-malware it is a back-stripped package that from time to time focuses on the essentials of core security. It blocks URLs that are very dangerous through web filtering. It removes threats and provides accurate engine detections and thus monitoring technologies by tracking and reversing actions that seem malicious. Also, it's highly recommended for organizations since it regularly receives top ranks and marks at sites like AV-comparatives. It operates on Windows, macOS, and Linux (Alharbi, 2020).

Select a suitable intrusion detection system (IDS) solution for the organization and explain the reasoning for your suggestion.

An application practice on security the intrusion detection system (IDS) is always employed to minimize cyber-attacks and thus block new threats, software, and the system that is always used to make it happen in the intrusion detection system. The basic function of IDS is to monitor traffic on networks to detect intrusion attempts that are made by people whom they are legally authorized, it also allows the admins to arrange, adjust, and understand critical trails of audit and logs of the operating system that are generally hard to keep and dissect.

The most suitable intrusion detention system for the Bi visuals solutions would be the OSSEC which operates on Unix, Linux, windows, and mac-OS it is ideal because it's free to use in open sources in HIDS security. Secondly, it can detect at any time alterations caused to the registry on Microsoft Windows, thus covering some logs like mail, web server data, and the FTP. Lastly, it can monitor attempts at any time to get to the root account on mac-OS (Yuan, 2020).

Describe at least two control strategies you would consider implementing for securing the Bi visual solution web-based infrastructure.

Creating a web application security blueprint is one of the strategies that can be implemented in securing the organization's web infrastructure this can be done by the Bi visuals solutions IT experts and come up with a very detailed and actionable security plan that will cover the organizational goals. Perhaps every organization wants to improve compliance and also protect the Bi visuals solution brand more carefully. Also, for the large organization, the blueprint should have individuals within the Bi Visuals solutions that should only be involved in web application security practices that should be up to date and best.

Moreover, Bi visual solutions should prioritize the web applications this can be done by sorting the inventory according to their importance this is to avoid struggling since the list will be long enough to confuse. These applications should be sorted into three categories: critical applications that contain customer information. The other one is serious applications; this application may contain sensitive information which may be internal or external—lastly, the normal application which has less exposure and should be included in the test.

Describe at least two control strategies you would consider implementing for securing the Bi visuals solutions database infrastructure.

Bi visuals solutions database should be protected from database security threats by the firewall which from time to time denies access by default by the traffic. The only traffic allowed should be coming from a specific application or the servers of the web that need to get data access. Also, the firewall should be in a position to protect the database from the initiation of outbound connectivity. Also, the firewall should deploy a web application firewall that prevents attacks such as SQL injection attacks which can be used to infiltrate data from the database.

Additionally, hardening the organization database to the fullest extent possible is another control strategy. Running an up-to-date version of database software is the essential thing this ensures that the database used is supported by open-source. Also, it ensures that the security of database-installed patches removes some of the known vulnerabilities.

Define two terms that you would include in the organization's operating system security hardening procedures.

Hardening of the OS is the configuring OS securely, removing unnecessary services and applications, updating it, and also formulating rules and policies that help in governing the system in a manner that is secure and hence minimizing the computer operating system's exposure to vulnerabilities and threats and mitigating risk that can be possible.

One of the terms used in this procedure is security templates which refer to policies that are grouped and can be loaded in one procedure, commonly used in corporate environs. Additionally, we have the patches and patch management which is the testing, planning, auditing, and implementing patch management software that should be part of regular regimen security and also the individual programs that are on the client's computer (Ismael, 2019).


Alharbi, B., Alzahrani, H., Asseri, A., & Taramisi, K. (2020, October). Anti-Malware Efficiency Evaluation Framework. In 2020 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Sciences (ICCIS) (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

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