Essay Sample on Spanish Crown vs. Columbus: The Battle for New Worlds

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Date:  2023-01-14


A dispute erupted between the Spanish Crown and Columbus when the Crown went back on their promise to give Columbus lands and wealth as a gift for discovering new worlds. Columbus decided to file a lawsuit against the Crown. The lawsuit dragged on, and a few years after Columbus' death, the Crown argued that it was not Columbus that had discovered the new world. However, Columbus' heirs sought appeals, and in 1536, the heirs were awarded land in the current day Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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One of the main impacts of the Spanish and African settlements in Puerto Rico was the impacts on culture. The Puerto Rican music incorporated aspects of the African music and Spanish music in both the instruments that were used and the music that was produced. The architecture of Spain also influenced the architecture of buildings in the area. The winding cobblestone streets are like those of Andalusia in Southern Spain.

The ownership of land in the early days of Puerto Rico did not involve the use of title deeds, but the possession was hereditary. This form of land ownership was known as Hatos. The other form of ownership was for estancias to live beside the Hatos that were owned by wealthy and influential families. The use of land was often on the tolerance of the wealthy owners. The last and least common form of land ownership was Haciendas.

When the Europeans arrived in the Americas, several factors contributed to their conquest of the Americas. The main one was the economy of Europe as compared to the Americas. The Europeans were more economically stable than the Americas, and as a result, they could have better weapons and more human resources. The social structure of the Europeans also contributed to their conquest. The European had a structured culture that specified where each in the society was placed. This ensured that the rules and regulations that are given by the leaders are adhered to and followed to the latter.


The role of religion in the European conquest of the Americas was integral. When the Europeans reached the shores of the Americas, they introduced the religion to the locals. This was a way to introduce the natives to the culture and eventually bend them to their will. The introduction of the roman catholic religion to the culture of the natives gave the natives a relationship with the culture of the Europeans, which eased the adoption of other aspects of the European cultures.

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