Essay Sample on Space Laws and Ethics

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Date:  2022-04-18


The international community and the United Nations have thrived in illuminating global space policies, and they should persist to persuade and uphold other space-faring countries to trail international law governing the space. The united state government states that every US citizen initiating an item into the outer space obtains a permit or a license, not considering whether the initiate happens within the protection of United States. The US secretary of transportation is given powers by the government to execute conformity with the stipulated policies including the power to avert the commencement of space objects. Additionally, the United Kingdom necessitates its secretary of state to control a countrywide registry of spaceships. In the case of China, space exploration is authorized by "white paper." The white paper commission is mandated to provide licenses to confidential individuals for space launches. United Nations has appointed a workforce with the powers to inspect launch sites within all nations under the United Nations.

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Utilitarian ethics is geared towards benefit evaluation as it assesses the value of the consequences and outcome of space objects. This ethic argues that uncertainty of the goodies to be obtained from space does not balance out or justify the unavoidable danger to human life. Utilitarian ethics condemns individuals such as astronauts who risk their lives in space for the acquirement of scientific discovery or knowledge. On the other hand, the deontological ethics is founded on duties and observance of an ethical code of conduct. This ethic is challenging as value, and social duty of good intentions alone does not render or resolve satisfying functional concepts to unforeseeable dangers. Ideally, ethics do not function to diminish a question to a single right approach or answer. Instead, ethics offers different principled foundations and approaches for taking the right action as far as space objects are concerned.

International Space and Moon Treaty

Moon agreement is a global treaty that twists authority of all celestial objects above the worldwide community hence all actions must conform to the global law which includes United Nations' agreement. Practically, moon agreement is a failed treaty since it has not being approved by any country that connects in self-initiated controlled space discovery. On the other hand, international space agreement characterizes the essential authority framework of worldwide space law. Some of its principles include preventing nation's party to the agreement from installing weaponry of massive devastation in earth orbit, placing them on the moon or any further extraterrestrial object. Finally, international treaty openly forbids any nation from claiming extraterrestrial objects such as planet or moon.


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