Essay Sample on Social Media Cites as Important Means of Communication

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Date:  2022-10-19


Social media sites and application has remained to be the most important means of communication. The location and applications such as the internet, Google, email, tweeter, histogram, advertisements, radio television, mobile phone among others have eased message transfer between a large number of people, organizations, institutions, countries, and continents. The sites have created adverse correlations and relationships between different personalities. The media platforms vary depending on the ages of the user and the need of which the application is required. Gone are the days when people preferred Facebook for interaction and interactions. It had significantly been celebrated as a single stop market for conducting needs in social networking. While it remained a bit complicated posting photos on other social media sites, share casual mood and moment on Twitter or make varying lengths of texts on other applications and check your mail throughout the day, teens have lived to learn the new verities as opposed to the others. Google and the internet are the earliest sites the many people have interacted with across the world. The sites not only provide interactive information but are also crucial for the learning process. I remember reading the history of the world without necessarily gone to the library. The report was short and price. The summary was very splendid, and the flow matches every aspect that one may want to know. Besides, Facebook has overcome them.

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One doesn't need to know the outs and in of the sites and apps, and the two terms have been palpating in recent years. If you didn't know, different social media site and apps have trended for a quite a long time and have covered the most significant population around the world. Understanding the basics of the websites and applications is the immediate things that youths and teenagers are geared toward learning more adversely. However, it is challenging for one to distinguish between the positive and negative of their experiences with the applications and sites. Different applications play a vital part in keeping users alert and interactive. Most Information that one gets from such sites is always exciting and encouraging. The teens should be encouraged to indulge themselves in the places to achieve the best for their association with others.

Joining each social media sites does require many things. One needs to be alive and can operate the available devices. Your association with the invention must show some extent of maturity to avoid irrational postings that may kill the taste of the interaction. My parents were always on keen interest to help me choose the best sites. Teens are forever linked with, and without proper limits or fees, most teens do share awkward texts to their content of hearts which may relate to rarely putting the devices down. They are attached to the tools and can spend several hours glued towards a specific location and position for more than twelve hours. Most of the applications for the teenagers are free and the texts they make there are not charged. It is, therefore, necessary for the parents to remain agile and make sure their kids are on the safer side of the social media applications at all times. Because most information is private and confidential, retrieving the knowledge the children and the teens in possession of the device have remained a menace.

My experiences with Facebook has been the best in my entire life. Being a member took me the least time possible. To be an active participant and handle any interaction amicably and with the ethics required, approximately one week was enough. I could take more than six hours glued at a specific position and focused on varies errands and picture as well as conversations. I could do nothing constructive, and my life was always in a total mess because the interaction was ever pleasant. My academics drastically reduced and my association and interaction with my friends were reduced to nothing less, but this never lowered my interest. The taste kept glowing and at all-time nothing could stop my agitation. I could not have enough time to relate and interact with my friends and do my studies. Communicating with strangers became my best, and we could share all nasty things that are not beneficial to the development of oneself. I remember one day I had to be punished for not doing my house chores simply because my time was narrowed towards focusing on social media apps and sites. Facebook has recently dominated the social media, and many teens have shifted their focus from other apps which have been termed as less critical. This revealed an example which portrays the evolution of the technology landscape among the youths. Most notably, those of own high-tech smartphones have been serious addicts, and their lives have remained messy. It puzzles many people how the shift has grown and developed beyond the efforts of the people. Approximately eighty percent of teens in the world today can access the smartphones. This technology has fueled the online activities. I remember falling a victim of phone addict such that I could stay awake till late in the night just focusing on the pages of Facebook accounts.

Interestingly, my association with strangers shaped my morals and gave me an opportunity to face reality in the world. This makes it possible to convey several messages at ago and within the shortest time possible. The teens usually have different views about the importance of Facebook. Occasionally, they are thrilled with the information and the interaction of which they are involved with their friends. The sites have created a single link between the youths and their potential employers as well as career developers. When one engages with the other in a coherent discourse through the media platform, the sites provide them with the opportunity to shape their careers and make changes that the chance may demand.

I feel that Facebook can make my age mates feel out of loneliness and creates in them a holy space where their interactions with other people are heightened. The site does not only have adverse effects but also plays an important role it enables the parties involved to interact with their families. The application is a necessity in creating a universal connection with friends and makes it possible to develop new friends. Most of my new friends are not familiar to my sight through the interaction and association with them is the most pleasant have ever had in my life. Approximately one-third of my life depends on those friends. Facebook has made it easier for me to access more consolation within and outside my jurisdiction. My social life has changed. My view towards the social media and networking application serves as the newest arena where people across all ages can display the levels of associations.

I remember I had to create a new account to increase my association levels. This reduces the quantity of picture I have to react to during the chat. It alleviates the boredom of focusing on similar faces throughout the time. Most teens have also found communication free through the use of Facebook because everyone is now in the system as an active participant. It has never stopped to amuse me how people celebrate their mutual interaction with social media. Some say that Facebook has enabled them to connect easier with places they have never thought of staying. Getting help has drastically improved, and just at a glance, many people are at your comfort for consolations. Handling two different accounts reduces the enthusiasm that one may have in getting into other sites. More than one social media account requires one to have explicit knowledge to make them run efficiently and effectively. Nothing is impossible, but the introduction has a significant influence on the end.


My love for Facebook as a means of communication and interaction among the youths is extraordinary. It serves as the easiest way to make them remain focused primarily on their social lives. My audience increasingly improved. However, I could still manage to handle them amidst all odds. Whatever people say and want with the anonymity the platform provides a positive impact to keep us upright and stable. The bigger audience created on Facebook allows proper evaluation. Coherent speaking and teachings are possible if the site is properly maintained and organized.

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