Essay Sample on Selecting a Research Methodology: Key Considerations

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Various individuals use familiarity to the subject to base their case study method. Contrary to that, the data analysis method should be based on the questions the research is seeking to address (Hammarberg et al., 2016). There are essential considerations that a researcher must reflect on before choosing the method analysis in qualitative analysis.

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What Considerations Must Be Given to the Selection of a Quantitative or Qualitative Methodology for a Research Study?

Purpose of the Research

The researcher should have a better understanding of why the research is being conducted. Several perspectives can be considered in the research area, and each approach can influence a research plan and data gathering (4 Key Considerations When Designing Qualitative Research | HUB Health Research Solutions, n.d.). Questions like, what is to be learned, how to use the information gathered, may help develop the perspective on the area of the study (Hammarberg et al., 2016). The form in which the conclusion is presented can influence how qualitative research is planned.

Research Questions

Particular questions are better answered with the qualitative method. Research that seeks to explore, understand, or describe a phenomenon as opposed to finding the definitive answers always lead to the qualitative approach (Hammarberg et al., 2016). The existing literature similar topic can also inform the formulation of these questions. The questions should always inform the qualitative process.

Data Collection Method and Collection tools

The data collection method is an important consideration. Data collection in qualitative research exists in various forms, including the target group, interviews, existing literature, and surveys (Cristancho et al., 2018). The collection tools form a significant part of the qualitative technique. Based on the fact that qualitative research is investigative, the researcher should avoid the use of leading questions (Hammarberg et al., 2016). Instead, they should carefully examine the items, and where possible, use the help of an experienced researcher to review the questions, and eliminate all the leading question as they may weaken the methodology.

Data Analysis

Qualitative research goes beyond merging facts. Though it is one of the later tasks, the researcher should consider data analysis before embarking on research. The approach influences and how the data is perceived and analyzed (Cristancho et al., 2018). In qualitative research, participants' responses should be the primary consideration in formulating the coding frameworks to aid in the identification of patterns as well as categorizing data.


Of the above considerations, identifying the purpose of the research is the most important. The purpose of the study aides the subjects in assessing the relevance of the study in proportion to individual values. The statement must include both short-term purpose and long-term purposes. The purpose of the survey reflects the benefits the eventual research will have on the subject (Importance of a Purpose Statement in Research, n.d.). The statement introduces the reader or the subjects to the primary goals of the research. Additionally, the statement of the purpose of the study informs the subject on the research methods, the focus group, and the setting which includes, the variables or phenomena being studied.

The statement of purpose explains what the study is seeking to accomplish. It compacts and generates the direction, means of collecting data, and also formulating the scope. It acts as an assurance that all the aims and objectives can be achieved, and once completed, the problem will be solved. It should be brief and straight to the point. The purpose statement assists the researcher in initiating the project (Importance of a Purpose Statement in Research, n.d.). Through the statement of purpose, the researcher is able to delve more keenly on the topic of the research, as well as enabling then to focus on the essential information, formulation of the thesis statement and time planning and management. While formulating the statement of purpose, the researcher should know that they can create several.

Based on the above factors, formulating the purpose of the study forms the most part of the considerations. It acts as the brain of the study. From it, the research questions, how the data will be analyzed, methods, and any other considerations are lightly addressed, and a plan to achieve each are developed.


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