Task Force on Private Security Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-06


The main purpose of the task force officials was to assist the security sector in setting important guidelines that could assist them in carrying out their duties. The purpose was arrived at because the existing standards in the security sector needed refinement to ascertain their validity and improve them over time. Observations into the report show that the research on private security did not get to completion, but the Task Force officials made various recommendations that could assist in the future improvement of private security.

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The report made significant contributions to security in various ways. One of the contributions includes the implementation of a strategy that aims at maximizing and managing the voluntary as well as the community sectors. The report had various contributions especially on addressing the problems that had been identified in the sector (Stenning, 1994). The effects of some of those contributions are evident in contemporary society in the field of private security management and have enabled many security firms to develop sophisticated methods of managing their operations.


The task force recommended setting aside of the training committee to be in a position of correcting departments and proper planning of events. First, the committee recommends more intergraded programs, which can be carried out by specialists who can advise accordingly. Second, it was confirmed that for the mission of improving the standard or quality of private security, there was a need to offer all firms equal importance without discrimination on the basis of size. Third, all security firms were to be taken care of to ensure the feasibility of their operations and enhance their strategies. It recommended that both the armed and the unarmed security personnel's should be given equal attention as they both offer their services in the prevention and control of crime (Lippert et al., 2013). Fourth, they proposed that there should be proper training for the security personnel. Lastly, the security management was mandated with the study of the above sectors giving proposals on expected standards.

The recommendations proposed in the report are yet to be implemented fully. Investigations behind the delay revealed that the available funding within the body is not enough for implementation (Lippert et al., 2013). It was noted that the top officials seemed to be overworked making them slow in taking actions to cause the delays.

Major Concerns

Among the concerns that one notices includes the consultations of the people on security matters about transformation in the jails. It was also a concern that the executives, as well as the junior staff, be strengthened in terms of public relations since the security personnel has not been able to record a proper relationship to the public members (USA, Department of Justice, 1976). A major concern raised is on the basis of private security. Private security is self- employed persons and organization that are privately mandated to offer security services to given people at a fee or an organizational effort and measures. The private entities offer protection for people and property as agreed in their job contracts (Cunningham et al., 1990). The officials aimed at continuing the work of their predecessors, breaking ground.

The report managed to provide areas of concern that need to be improved to enhance the private security sector. The task force aimed at establishing goals and standards for the security institution including the courts, police, crime prevention, the system of criminal justice, and correction department. The proposed recommendations make perfect sense and are bound to successfully integrate with security systems leading to wholesome development of security.


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