Essay Sample on Ryanair: Managerial Roles and Their Impact on Success

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Date:  2023-09-17


Ryanair is one of the airlines based in Ireland, and it constitutes a portion of the Ryanair Holdings family of airlines, and it runs most of its operations in Europe. The leadership style used by the managers of this company has played a key role in its success. One of the significant responsibilities that managers have undertaken is that of managing the employees and other stakeholders that are interested in the affairs of this company.

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Managerial Roles

The roles taken by the manager of this airline include becoming the figurehead to offer direction to the people visiting the airline and the ones working within it. The subordinates need an individual that can direct them towards what they are required to do. When an organization is operating, there are the goals and objectives that are set at the beginning of a fiscal period. All the workers are supposed to work towards the realization of these goals. Therefore, all the employees should be geared towards the realization of similar goals, and this is why a manager plays a significant role in ensuring that all the required duties are undertaken (Quenon et al., 2020). Whenever the airline enters into an arrangement with parties, such as suppliers, it is the responsibility of the managers to sign legal documents.

Creation of networks that can benefit the firm are done by the managers. For example, the leader should seek, for ways in which the organization can experience a surge in the client base through either entering into agreements with other organizations that require the airline services on a regular basis. The Ryanair Company can decide to offer such clients discounts whenever they travel with this airline, and this is the role of the managers to make such arrangements. Additionally, the managers must ensure that the visitors and customers are handled in the right way to ensure that the firm’s reputation is maintained.

It is critical to ensure that the employees are motivated when they are working for the airline. There are different ways of ensuring that the workers are performing effectively through either offering perks, holding meetings where the staff members can get to know each other better. The move will ensure that there is cohesion among the workers leading to an increase in the volume of production and the revenue earned by the company. The managers must make sure that the workers are satisfied, and there is a conducive working environment. Another role of dealing with people that the managers of this entity should undertake is that of a resource allocator. The available resources are limited, and it is critical to ensure that the materials that are provided to departments are utilized optimally. Therefore, a leader will have a duty to talk to the persons that are running the various departments and let them what they are expected to do to make sure that resources are not wasted.

When managing people, the process of making decisions is critical, considering that there are different activities that can be undertaken to realize a given outcome. However, their effectiveness is not the same, and the leaders must decide on the system that must be followed for business success (Raecy & Eskandari, 2018). The subordinates rely on the resolutions passed by their seniors to perform their duties. Therefore, the alders must seek for the various decision-making models, such as creative and rational theories and determine the operations that can derive the highest benefits.

The leaders must seek for information from the various stakeholders interested in the affairs of the company to ensure that the decisions they make are covering the opinions of the different personnel (Wang & Zhou, 2017). When everyone feels that they are incorporated in the running of the airline business, they will be in a position to raise their output and offer the best quality of service. Therefore, Ryanair Company managers play a significant role in managing people for the success of the firm.

Management Style

The management style that is used by Ryanair Company is the transformation form of leadership. The style works on determining the changes that are needed in a firm, having a vision that will facilitate the initiation of the desired change, and facilitate its execution with the other members of a team. The transformation management style plays a critical role in enhancing workforce performance and raising the motivation levels.

Whenever an organization is experiencing problems, and it has room for improvement, it should seek to determine the way the prevailing gaps will be managed. The performance of the employees is highly influenced by the leadership process adopted by the managers. They tend to raise the quality and quantity of their performance when they realize that the management has a clear vision that they are working on realizing. Therefore, the workers will work on the measures provided and within the guidelines stipulated by the Ryanair management to realize the desired outcome. The workers are motivated when they realize that the business is growing, and any previous problems that the organization was experiencing are getting resolved.

When a leadership style is offering the desired outcomes ranging from high productivity levels and workers’ satisfaction, they will be satisfied with an entity and remain motivated. There are various ways of motivating employees that include offering salary increments, a conducive working environment, perks, bonuses, and an effective system of managing the workforce. The Ryanair Company transformational leadership style ensures that the workers are receiving salary increments based on merit (Lucy, 2017). When there is an increase in the experience and education levels, these factors are noted by the managers, and they offer their employees a chance to move up their ladder of management.

Additionally, this style seeks to establish a conducive environment that will enable the workforce to undertake duties. It eliminated corrosion among the various stakeholders working in the firm and ensure that the communication channels are open. Therefore, the exchange of information and details is clear, and this is a process that ensures that everyone can manage to access any details that they want concerning the airline (Cassar, 2017). Part of raising the motivation levels involves radiating positivity, and this calls for always remaining positive despite any difficulties that may arise in the work process.


In conclusion, working with the organizational cure ensures that everyone knows what they are expected to realize at the end of a working process, and this will call for the need to have a leadership system that is clear and consistent in implementing its mandate. Empowering the employees involves providing them with a chance to learn and raise the quality of the service they are offering. The Ryanair Company leadership systems work on making sure that the staff members are learning from the best in the firm. Therefore, they remain happy with the management system of the firm. The manager have a role of ensuring that the employees are motivated and they have an understanding on what they are expected to do. They should assign them duties, offer advice and ensure that the resources are optimally utilized.


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