Essay Sample on Refugees and Immigrant in the U.S

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The United States is a land of opportunity, and many people immigrate to the country to seek these opportunities. Immigrants and refugees add value to the country's economy because they are job seekers, business people or job creators. Currently, it is estimated that 43.3 million foreigners are living in the United States. These foreigners can be categorized into two groups; those have acquired citizenship naturally and those who are not citizens of the country. The numbers of these people stand at 20.7 million those who are naturalized citizens and 22.6 million who are non-citizens. Among these non-citizens, about 13.1 million of them are lawfully permitted to be in the country while the rest are unlawfully migrants and those holding visas temporarily. In the past, a majority of immigrants came from Europe, but this has changed in recent times. Currently, the majority of immigrants come from coming from our closest neighbor Mexico followed by China, India, Philippines and El Salvador respectively. Mexico contributes 26.9 % of the immigrants which is about 11.6 million people, followed by 2.4 million from China, 2 million from India, 1.4 from the Philippines and 1.3 million from El Salvador respectively.

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The number of persons migrating to the United States using the wrong procedure has decreased in recent times, but it is still a problematic issue. Mexicans contribute a significant number of unauthorized migrants. Many people wonder why these people cannot come to the country using the correct legal procedure. Well, the immigrants cannot just follow the procedures; a majority of them are ineligible in any of these procedures. They do not meet the formal requirements to immigrate and if they do they are required to wait for a long time if they are applying from nations that are oversubscribed. Immigration to the United States to seek employment needs a person to have the required papers and skill which many immigrants lack. The immigrants come to the country using illegitimate means because they know they will be rejected if they show their prowess and ability because most of they do not meet the standards. There are also refugees who seek asylum, they come to the country and realize their home countries cannot give them the required protection, so they come to the country and absorb themselves into the population. There also those who do not get green cards that are issued by the United States. The process is laborious, and it depends on luck in most nations, so they don't find it helpful. Immigrants if found can be detained and he is processed by an asylum officer. If their asylum is not approved by the immigration court, the immigrants are deported back to their countries immediately. However, these cases can take too long before the full hearing to commence.

The number of people living in the U.S. currently is high. These people are seeking better opportunities for themselves, and the United States government must protect and preserve their rights. Instead of taking them back to their countries these people should be given the platform to showcase their skill because they will eventually have a positive impact on the country's economy. Proper services should be available to them. They should receive the best health care services, and employment opportunities should not be limited to them. The required standard of education should be provided to them because their learning can help the country significantly.

Refugees are people who have been forced to flee their country because of war or natural disaster while an asylum is a protection given by a country to people who have left their countries as refugees. The U.S. accepts refugee and asylum seekers, but these people need to apply to be granted these privileges. Applying for these privileges has no limitations any person can apply for them. The process for applying for refugee or asylum status is pretty straightforward. First, a person arrives in the country; then they apply for asylum or refugee status, they carry out background and security checks to the person, then an interview is conducted, the officers determine qualifications and the supervisory officer reviews the decision. If the decision is confirmed you are granted asylum or refugee status if they are not convinced especially with your skills, they deport the person back to their country. Presently, a lot of refugees come from Africa and Asia. The U.S. is accepting refugees from Dem. Rep. Congo, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Burma, Ukraine, Eritrea and Afghanistan countries that are encountering political upheavals and war.


Refugees receive a lot of benefits from the government. These benefits are meant to help them during their stay and also to hasten their adaptation to their new environment. A person may seek asylum for your family, but this only happens if you listed them in your refugee application. A person may apply for permanent residence. A refugee can apply for an open social security a card once they receive refugee status. They can get language training, medical assistance, and financial assistance. They can also be prepared for employment because they may not be familiar with the environment and rules.


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