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Working as the human resource assistant in this organization will require the development of a new recruitment system that will focus on the position of the company's payroll specialist. This proposal seeks to find a prudent way of managing the organization's payroll as a result of the rapid growth and expansion of the company's operations. In line with this proposal, the position of a payroll specialist needs to be filled by a candidate who will help in processing the staff salaries, wages, overtime, and bonuses in a timely manner. The individual will also be tasked with ensuring the accuracy and regular updating of the staff payroll information. The ideal candidate for this position requires to demonstrate competency and proficiency in accounting. A degree in the field of accounting is desirable for one to execute the roles of the position. The payroll specialist also needs to have at least two years' worth of experience at a busy accounting environment. Demonstrable numerical skills and familiarity with the payroll software will be an added advantage. Our organization is a rapidly growing software technology company that deals with software development and subsequent sales to the mass market. As with most blue chip technological entities, our physical location is California's Silicon Valley where we work to leverage on the competitive environment to sharpen our innovative ideas. We constitute a part of the numerous technology organizations in the area. Working in the technology industry requires a skilled and innovative labor force that will be able to keep up with the dynamic chances that take place in this line of work. The organization has a core base of 2,400 employees with numerous interns who provide various support services.

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Filling the two vacant positions for the role of a payroll specialist will require the adoption of effective recruitment strategies. These will help in finding the best fit for the organization from a pool of prospective applicants. The recruitment strategies that will be used to fill the two positions of the payroll specialist are retrieving applicants from the company database, the use of niche boards, and a referral program (Asefeso, 2018). There are numerous benefits associated with recruiting candidates from a pool of previous job applicants. The company human resource database is an ideal source for candidates to take up a certain position in the company. This is because the human resource assistant will be able to find the next best candidate who never clinched the previous job, save time, and will be familiar with the candidate as they had interviewed them before. Costs are saved through avoiding any advertising charges. As the human resource assistant, I will also leverage on niche job boards as a beneficial strategy. This is mainly because the position of a payroll specialist requires a specific skill found within accounting professionals. Making good use of the accounting and finance niche job boards will see the company be able to recruit appropriate candidates for the specific position. Recruiting through niche jobs is faster due to the specificity of the sills needed for the vacant position. Lastly, the organization will recruit though an employee referral program. This is where the employees through word of mouth recommend their friends, acquaintances, relatives, and ex-school mates at college to apply for the open position as long as they are qualified. It helps with familiarity of the candidates and the fast turnaround in succeeding with the recruitment of probable candidates. Recruiting referred candidates is also likely to lead to a trustworthy candidate.

Various metrics will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment strategies used. One of them is the time to fill which looks at the duration between when the position became vacant and when a suitable replacement is found. The other recruitment metric will be the time to hire which is essentially the time between recruitment and acceptance of the offer given by the organization. Both of these metrics are favorable when the time frame in question is shorter. The source of hire is also a crucial metric that will enable the organization to know the effectiveness of the strategies used to recruit for the prospective candidates for the payroll specialist position (Phillips & Gully, 2013). A form of measuring the effectiveness of the proposed recruitment system would be through evaluating the quality of hire. This is where the hired candidate has their work performance assessed at regular intervals. Applicants per opening is a recruitment metric tat gauges the number of applicant that will be attracted by the available job opening in the organization. A wider pool of applicants is preferable to help in recruiting the best candidate possible. The experience of the candidates is another effective metric used in assessing the success or failure of the recruitment strategies used to source for the applicants. Then there is the cost per hire which is a metric used to ascertain how much time, resources, and other expenses were spent in the recruitment of each candidate. This helps in arriving at the total hiring costs and assessing the cost benefit analysis arising thereof. Then there is the offer acceptance rate that gauges the number of candidates that have expressed their willingness to work with the organization by filling the vacant position.


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