Essay Sample on Texas on the Brink: Economic Policies to Reduce Poverty

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From the article, Texas on the Brink, the author emphases on economic policies which helps to promote or control economy behaviors. Normal, economic policies are controlled and managed by an authority. In most nations, governments have been struggling to ensure maximum economic growth so as to improve the living standard of their citizens. This has been an essential way that the government is embracing to reduce the poverty rate. Lack of effective basic requirements has greatly affected the lives of Texas. This issue has forced the senator to establish policies that would help to overcome the problem. Despite the region being blessed with a lot of resources, it is still facing challenges of economic maintenance and improvement. According to the article, one way of enhancing economic policies implementation was to embrace the education system. The education system may help to establish a region that has the ability to compete and engage in various production (Phillips, & Slijk, 2017). Most leaders in the region believe that the application of this policy will help to close the gap between rich and poor. Hence, people may be helped to access affordable justice on economic standards. This application influences how parties embrace and distribute resources at all levels of the region.

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Democratic Party believes that embracing economic policy is a technique that can be used to create a smart government. This technique can be used to improve the state of all parts of the region. As a way of embracing the policy, the party insists that people who work in a business are as essential as those who live in rural areas. Therefore, resources should be distributed equally. Additionally, the party insists that all employees should be paid an income of not less than $15 per hour. This is perceived as an essential technique which helps to improve the economy because it assists people to improve their living levels. The party also insist that all collected taxes should be effectively distributed to enhance an equal growth of the economy. Nowadays, unions have become an essential unit that helps to raise workers' issues. Through these union, the Democratic Party believes that the application of approach may help to ensure all workers' needs are effectively safeguarded. For instance, Democratic Party frequently insists that workers should not be paid less than a certain amount. As such, unions help to ensure workers are not exploited and their earning matches their work output.

On the other hand, the Republic party insists that the economic policy should encourage the application of free market principles. Free market principles encourage citizens to freely engage in the market so as to enhance economic growth. Additionally, the economic policies should encourage stabilize-fund system which influence the allocation of resources at various levels. As a way of encouraging people participation, the party claims that economic policy should motivate private investors who create a good platform for revenue. Furthermore, investment creates more job opportunities, thus, reducing the unemployment rate in the region. The party also believes that enhancing basic standard may help the region to focus on other essential economic related policies such as education. Education is a critical aspect that helps a person to cope with and overcome issues that affect the economic development of an area. Therefore, through education, the part is able to improve people's skills and knowledge which helps to handle issues in a logic way. Moreover, education helps people to engage in innovation, thus, boosting industrialization with the region. Industrialization is a vital source of revenue because it offers income and employment opportunities. Finally, the party's economic policy insist that all genders should be represented in the growth of the region. This is done by giving equal opportunities for both males and females who want to venture in business.

Education is the best policy that can help to improve the economic state of a region. Education helps to improve skills and knowledge which helps to overcome some issues which are affecting the economic growth of an area. Most of the challenges that affect economic growth are facilitated by human factors such as corruption. Education gives people the ability to understand how to handle these issues in a logical way. As such, the application of education policy in the economy may greatly increase the growth rate because people may be concentrating on activities that benefit the region. Additionally, education gives people a chance to venture in various self-employment opportunities such as small shoe industries (Cornyn, 2019). As such, deploying the education concept in education may help both parties to improve the economic state of the region.


Based on the economic state, education is something that can be achieved with minimum resources. A region can use and distribute resources based on which area of education an area wants to venture. If it is industrialization and manufacture, the region can allocate more resources in technique schools so as to boost the ability among the young generation. This action shows that education is a concept which is easily applied in development.


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