Essay Sample on Public Value and the Manager Role

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Date:  2022-12-19


The significance of a company or an organization to the society is what is referred to as public value. In most cases, it applies to different issues, for example, marketing, entrepreneurship, change management, strategies or objectives, and human resource. Referring to the week 15 final project, the following are some of the leadership and managerial behaviors which can be applied to address public value. They include ethical practice in business, accountability, positive leadership behavior, and efficacy in management (Adeoye et al. 2014). Ethics about public value will ensure that the activities of an organization or a society are conducted in line with the established ethical morals and principles to solve any problem which may arise in the course of organizational interaction with the society. Accountability also ensures that the operations of the company or an organization are conducted in a fair and transparent manner. It (accountability) also goes a long way about the conduct of those that are part of the organizational performance

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On the part of positive leadership behavior, numerous issues come into context. The executive and the managerial make-up, how the supervisory role is executed and the general morale of those working in the organization or the company. The top cream of any system must always strive to uphold positive public value by putting in place strategies and practices which can be adopted by all the players. The case will also mitigate the chances of resentments. Efficacy in management is somewhat general but will ensure that the rapport between the organization and the society is friendly and beneficial (Head & Alford, 2015).

It also notable that performance relates to perceptions of public value. Performance defines the execution of different activities within the organization. In most events, it usually falls within the implementation stages. The relationship which it shares with the public value system is noted on the role it plays in supporting different public value strategies. For example, it visualizes and measures what can be considered public value; it equally determines the internal and external factors which may lead to both the generation and destruction of public value.

Nonetheless, the following problems were also noted from the previous projects and may get mitigated through different public management strategies with the bid of promoting public value. They include; the uncertainty towards the attainment of program objectives, there is also the inadequacy of enough resources, for example, money and staff, and lastly uneven or unpredictable leadership. These problems in many events limit the chances towards the execution of functions which enhances the public value. Uncertainty on how to achieve program goals goes a long way in assessing the leadership available, the strategies put in place, and the resources required in the execution of the strategies (Pirson, Martin & Parmar, 2019). Effective public management can mitigate chances of such uncertainty because it will equip the key players with managerial and governance principles hence reaching amicable solutions to the problems. The inadequacy of resources will also be addressed in the same manner because the principles will give the key players involved in decision making the opportunity of coming up with achievable objectives while also evaluating the meager resources. The principles will also mitigate the chances of misappropriations. Lastly, on effective public management will ensure that the leadership of any entity is given in accordance to merit thus mitigating cases of uneven leadership.


In summary, it is explicit that performance relates to public value since it supports different public value strategies. It also defines what can be termed as public value as well as giving information on the internal and external factors which may lead to the creation or destruction of public value. The role of effective public management about the problems identified from the previous projects has been discussed as noted herein.


Adeoye, A. O., Kolawole, I. O., Elegunde, A. F., & Jongbo, O. C. (2014). The Impact of Organizational Climate on Business Performance in Lagos Metropolis. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 7(26).

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