Essay Sample on Psychology and People Science: Unraveling Human Behaviors

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Psychology is a science since it involves the scientific study of behavior and thoughts while people science is the way in which an institution can use actionable insight, data, and analytics about individuals in understanding the workforce and how it behaves. Behavior refers to the way an individual reacts or acts. Examples of behaviors include curious, which is the urge of knowing things, cautious meaning being careful, and creative describing an individual who thinks of new things.

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Nature refers to hereditary and gene factors influencing who we are while nurture is the environmental variables impacting who we are. Nature includes the physical appearance of an individual while nurture entails the way people are raised or their social relationships. Genes can be defined as the hereditary biochemical units forming chromosomes. The main sources of genetic variation include mutations which are changes taking place in the DNA, sex, and gene flow.

Associations & Two Systems

Neural adaption refers to the overtime decrease in the sensory system's responsiveness to a constant stimulus. Examples include adapting to noise and dark light adaptation. Neural plasticity is the brain's ability to change continuously in the life of a person. Examples include musical abilities, learning a second language, and navigation skills. Inattentional blindness is where an affected individual does not see unexpected or new things which appear suddenly in the visual field.

Sensation, Perception, Sleep, Dreams, and Replication

Sensory integration is the occupational therapy where special exercises are utilized in strengthening a sense of balance, touch, and space of a patient. The McGurk Effect refers to a convincing demonstration of the way people use visual speech Muller-Lyer illusion, two lines having the same length seem to have different lengths, and in Ponzo illusion, the brain of an individual exaggerates the vertical distances in comparing them with the horizontal lines.

Drugs & Rewards

The neurons usually communicate with each other in junctions referred to as synapses. The presynaptic neuron is one that conducts the impulses in the direction of synapse while postsynaptic neuron transmits an electrical signal far from the synapse. The long-term effects of marijuana on the brain include alteration of the development of the brain and addiction. Dopamine neurons respond to rewards by reporting all the environmental events and rewarding value in an accurate way and commence early in preventing confusion.

Emotions and Stress

In supporting the theory of evolution, Darwin researched expression of emotions. His work entailed looking at animal's (humans) facial expression and pointing out parallels among their behaviors and comparing them with other animals. Physiology of emotions in psychology is linked to nerve system arousal with different strengths and states that relate to certain emotions. The consequences of long-term stress include mental problems, obesity, cardiovascular illness, and sexual dysfunction.

Depression and Disorders

In psychology, learned helplessness is a mental state where an organism has to bear some aversive stimuli. In a fixed mind, one believes that his or her capabilities are immutable while in the growth mindset, one believes that he or she can develop his abilities or intelligence by putting in more effort or employing different strategies. Since same-sex was legalized, there have been drop-in suicide attempts by teenagers.

Hierarchy, Groups, Prejudice, & Stigma

The Asch experiment was designed in testing the way peer pressure in conforming influences individuality and judgment of a subject test. Scarcity is the gap amongst inadequate resources and people's theoretical needs. An example includes 1970 gasoline shortage. In realistic conflict, when two or even more people need the same resources that are limited, then a conflict must take place. Implicit prejudice refers to the social preferences existing outside conscious control or awareness. Also, the Robbers Cave Experiment shows the way groups favor their members and the way of resolving group conflicts by working together.

Love & Relationships

The Harlow's Monkey Experiment was essential as strengthened the significance of a child ad mother bonding in monkeys and suggested that it also applies to human beings. The bond between a mother and infant is not only based on the satisfaction of psychological needs, but it is also emotional. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse includes stonewalling, contempt, defensiveness, and criticism.

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