Essay Sample on Police Presence in Sentinel City: Crime Rates by Neighborhood

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Date:  2023-11-03

There was a substantial police presence throughout the city. The police presence was particularly intense in the street sidewalks, schools and at the city hall, where it appeared that there was an ongoing protest. From a conversation with one of the police officers on the prevalence of crimes at Sentinel City, he revealed that Nightingale Square, based on the police reports, had the lowest crime rates. Industrial Heights and Casper Park District witnessed the highest crime rates (American Sentinel University, 2015). Amongst the most common crimes included bicycle theft, property damage, shoplifting, as well as drug and disorderly conduct. Thus, the chances of one being a victim of theft crimes were higher than those of crimes of violent nature. The crime index data revealed that Nightingale’s safety was at 92%, Industrial Heights-42%, Casper Park-57%, Acre Technical District was at 79%. Nightingale Square stood out as the safest.

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The residents of Sentinel City get around by cars, bicycles and buses. Buses appear to be the predominant system of transportation as there is an extensive bus system presence. The general condition of the roadways is okay, as they are well-maintained. The traffic is generally mild and manageable (Gross & Francis, 2015). One of the residents who used wheelchairs praised the accessibility of the roads and street sidewalks to people such as her but lamented on the general neglect of buses to set up measures that facilitated her smooth movement into and out of the buses and bus stations. However, they appear to be plans put in place to integrate systems that facilitate the movement of such disabled persons.

The Department of Police in Sentinel City consistently provides information on how the residents can protect their homes against burglary. On the other hand, the Health Department offers information on carbon dioxide detectors, how to control pest’s invasion, and how to deal with unleashed dogs. There is an imposed curfew in the city. As such, a person under the age of eighteen is outlawed from being outdoors between 2300 hours and 0600 hours without adult supervision (Federal Poverty Level, 2016). There are police and ambulance patrol that are available throughout the day and are responsive within fifteen minutes to any calls made. Fire hydrants could be seen at every place, an indication of the level of preparation and anticipation towards any fires.

There is a program steered by the police department that aims at taking every police recruit through a culture-sensitization program. However, the program is a bit flawed and requires significant revamping. The crime levels in the city have declined by 3% over the last three years.

Based on the observations, some of the proposals on safety issues include; Sentinel City ought to open up a safe shelter for battered women. Some women reluctantly admitted that they were victims of domestic violence, mainly after their spouses were drunk. The public should then be informed on how such shelters can be accessed if help was needed. Further, the promise of confidentiality ought to be guaranteed (Sentinel City, 2017). Further, there were several stray dogs witnessed all over the city. The department involved with animal control ought to come up with more stringent policies that govern such animals to prevent the occurrence of any harm being occasioned to the residents.

With regards to transportation, there ought to be enhanced handicapped accessibility to all the transport stations and buses as well. While installation of ramps is a good starting point, the initiative ought to extend towards training drivers on how to handle such vulnerable persons. Further, some disabled individuals need personal care attendants. Sentinel City could adopt a similar measure to Kentucky where personal attendants travelling with such vulnerable persons are not charged when onboard the transport systems.


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