Essay Sample on Overcoming Stress: My Ten Day Yoga Journey

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Date:  2023-01-04

Keeping up with a specific behavior can be challenging, as the motivation has to come from within me. For the last ten days, I have been trying to change my stressed behavior by incorporating yoga as a daily routine. The routine was meant to last ten days at the end of which would result in a state of relaxation. To complete this behavior change, I was expected to complete an online yoga nighttime classes for twenty-five minutes.

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The preparation stage started three days before the ten days of transformation. Preparation involved observing my stress levels every night after performing my nightly duties. From the preparation stage, I identified that my stress was mostly prominent after performing my nighttime responsibilities. The high-stress levels resulted in anxiety, which further caused sleep disorder and I woke up tired.

My usual day involved preparing food for my family before preparing and putting my children to bed. Aside from these activities, I also had to study for my classes. In regards to the action stage of behavior change, I began my first day full of motivation. The yoga class began after I had completed all my nighttime duties and put the children to bed. The simple act of enrolling into the yoga class motivated me and attending the class further relaxed me to a point where I experienced a good night sleep. My success did not last long since I had to fast forward the workout class. I felt rushed after cleaning and putting my children to bed. The rushed workout left me feeling aggravated since I had not achieved the same results as the first day.

The situation only seemed to get worse since I had a relapse on the fourth day. The relapse was due to inability to attend the yoga class because I had to study and prepare for an exam. The result was devastating since I had trouble sleeping and thus was drowsy the next day. On the fourth day, I asked for my husband's assistance in preparing the children for bed while I completed the whole yoga workout class. The result of assistance was tremendous since I had enough time to do the workout and also add five minutes of meditation. This opportunity resulted in a chance to relax and sleep properly. My husband helped so much with his initiative to put the children to bed as I was provided with sufficient time to carry out my yoga exercise.

Despite the tremendous progress made, I had two relapses on day eight and nine. The relapses were caused by the need to hold my child because he was teething. Despite the need to create time for myself, parental responsibilities had to come before individual wants. On the final day, I felt semi-accomplished because of the achievement of a majority of the objectives set. Achieving the goals was not easy since it was challenging to find a balance between personal wants and parental responsibilities. I also feel confident in the knowledge that with some adjustments, I will be able to achieve any goal that has been set.

I believe that the last ten days of yoga have helped me to reflect on the importance of individual time especially in consideration of providing an anxiety-free society. Finding time to do something for me was extremely challenging. Next step will involve creating a schedule on the board that will help me to achieve at least fifteen minutes of nighttime yoga to balance my mind, body, and soul.

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