Essay Sample on Organizational Culture: Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

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Date:  2023-03-25


Organizational culture is regarded as a set of shared norms and values, which enables organizations to control the interaction of the members, and between the members and other relevant stakeholders such as customers and suppliers (Jones, 2013). Organizational culture plays a significant role, just like Boyle & O'Donnell (2008) stated that it improves the overall effectiveness in the delivery of the anticipated goals. The paper will also determine the importance of organizational design, technology, and competencies employed. The organizational culture, design and strategy, and the ascribed competences and technology are important aspects that improve the performance of an organization as they create a competitive advantage for the business.

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The Importance of Organizational Culture and its Components

The management concept plays a vital role in creating a guideline for all members by enabling them to make proper decisions based on the established guidelines (Jones, 2013). According to Druckman, Singer, & Cott, (1997), an organization can maintain a high-performance system for employing organizational culture principles as this will enable members to manage and interpret different organizational environments effectively. The organization culture is usually made up of two critical elements, which are instrumental values and terminal values. According to Boyle & O'Donnell, (2008), terminal values can be defined as the set of ethos, which underscore the need to attain the desired outcomes in an organization. Instrumental values define the desired behaviors and how they can be managed. Some of the essential values expected to be instilled in the members are working hard and being helpful to the seniors, as well as one another (Druckman et al., 1997).

The example of a company called United Parcel Services (UPS) can be used to demonstrate how organization culture improves effectiveness of service delivery. The company has maintained a robust organizational culture where the operating system is highly scrutinized to ensure that any hiccup that may appear is mitigated in advance.

The Importance of Strategy and Design in the ever Changing Environment Globally

The organizational design and strategies are integrative social systems, which are applied to improve solving emerging problems (Jones, 2013). They are also meant to create and enhance value, as well as outcomes emanating from the stakeholders (Jones, 2013). According to Heynoski & Quinn (2012), the two properties are defined by the potential of the organization to come up with differentiation strategies. Functions should be subdivided among the staff to improve the overall efficiency. Therefore, companies should pay special attention to the adopted plan and designs as the two may enable them to navigate through the turbulent global environment. Practically, organizational designs can be applied to improve efficiency such as in the case of Google Corporation (Tran, 2017). According to Tran (2017), each staff is assigned special roles to promote independent thinking, which has improved its productivity.

Organization Design, Technology, and Competence

The three factors can also be integrated to improve the efficiency of an organization. According to Jones, (2013), managers should always devise ways that will give their organizations competitive advantages over their rivals. Kammerlander (2013) states that one of the appropriate mechanisms should be based on the application of the most recent technologies. The use of the latest technologies has become an investable aspect as it determines how well a business remains competent over the rivals.


The organizational culture is reflected as an essential aspect that helps members to adhere to the set ethos and values. It is also a necessary platform for enabling a company to come up with new management procedures that can improve performance. This can be seen from the American company called UPS. Apart from the culture, organizations should also aim to adopt more dynamic designs and strategies, as well as technologies. This will help to improve the overall competency over the rivals.


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