Essay Sample on New Zealand Specialty Tours: Emerging Tech & Improved Support System

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Date:  2023-01-04

The New Zealand Specialty Tours is a firm that wants to integrate its services and products not only to eliminate duplication but also to better the effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the needs of customers. To facilitate this process, an analysis must be done through various interviews to report the areas of concern both with the recommended changes and the current changes. This report entirely focuses on emerging technology and how such choices can improve the support system and E-commerce.

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When the website is improved, it makes it reliable for workers, and this makes them give more information on services and products as well as the eye-catching data. This means that the data needs to be made online for all potential, existing, international and local client. Before that interviews have to be made to all staff about the areas they feel they need their systems reviewed. The transcriptions of the discussions will also be released before action is taken.

Statement of Problem

The New Zealand Specialty Tours is a company that needs to be upgraded to improve their services and products. Since the business consist of four separate branches and the Head office of which all have to go through the interview process to come up with a solution.


The procedure will proceed by taking the team members from all branches to an interview so that they raise their issues. A team of analysist, in this case, is needed including a group of four students who will be guided by the appointed leader. The reason behind this scheme is to share the challenges across, and this makes the team leaders coordinate the students to make sure that the analysis is completed in time and is of quality standard.

The interviews will also be conducted in the various branches especially the Queenstown branch because of updating the database system. The reason behind this upgrade is that the branch's online presence is unknown and this deprived their chances of converting their potential customers to the real clients. Another reason behind this change international tourism has gone up, and this means that the demand for short tour packages in both South Island and the North side of NZ has increased. For the branch to succeed, they must use emerging and new technologies to offer the same services and products but at a faster and better way.

The Auckland branch, on the other hand, needed to be interviewed because of their historical sales data. Based on this analysis it was discovered that the best position for this company is when there are strategic decisions and plans and how excellent visual presentation will make the company accessible. The analysis will also reveal the methods of payment that will be used by the customer once the systems have been upgraded. Since the new system will be used for promotional purposes, it will be an added advantage because it will give assurance to the online guests that the financial transactions are secure and safe.


The advantage of holding interviews is that it brings out the problems first hand. This means that every member has the opportunity to share out their questions and views on how the operations are taking place. The good thing about this method is that changes will take place immediately and the customers will not be affected. Another advantage of this method is that there will be consistency in the company

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