Essay Example on Apple Co: Building Trust & Keeping Clients Through Product Integration

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Date:  2023-02-23


Apple Company is a business enterprise that has ventured into Electronic products. It has employed different marketing strategies to ensure that it keeps the close track of its clients in the record. It has built trust among its customers hence more sales. Regarding the same, proper marketing strategies are done as well as ensuring that different consumer needs are met. It is through product integration in demand by the customer that it keeps its clients attached to them. In conjunction with that, Apple Company has remained loyal in that they have been able to maintain the excellent quality of its products, as well as the supply chain distribution, are usually timely.

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Customers also have regularly gained trust and loyalty to the company due to the innovative products that keep integrating their ways of using them. The technology innovation employed by the company enables the consumer to keep checking on new products released in the market. Apple Company pricing mechanism, as well as and product differentiation creates a significant impact on the evolving world of competition (Rothaermel & Frank, 67). However, due to high competition, Apple company has employed a corporate Culture that diversifies the interaction of its workers as well as its clients. The job offering at this Multinational Company recruits locals of that particular region in order to ensure more clients are won as well as ensuring that they are confident about the product. Therefore cross-culture is essential and has been implemented to impact customers' loyalty.

Importance of the Apple Store in Marketing Strategy

Apple stores have played an essential role in the marketing that ensures there is proper and sufficient distribution of its products. The store has enabled the acquisition of apple product upon order placement to be delivered in time. The time factor of product delivery has, therefore aided in winning more customers who are always anxious to receive their orders. Secondly, information is well reached to the clients, and thus, they can make a concrete decision to buy the product (Weinstein and William, 78). Also, in relation to Apple stores, a variety of products can be accessed by customers. It creates an adjacent location to consumers, thus influencing them to reduce their cost in search of the same product far away from their location.

Marketing strategy has paved its way, given that Apple stores provide a display site whereby customers can access detailed information about the products and how it suites the modern world. Generally, the supply is made adequate and sufficient, thus winning the customers' trust and loyalty. Also, upon any other customer support care or help, can be easily be achieved, thus encouraging more sales.

What Is Required To Maintain Apple Product Innovation and Customer Loyalty

Several strategies are necessary for ensuring that the company keep making more sales. The strategy includes the integration of technology, pricing mechanism advancement, distribution and supply chain, and differentiation. Through the employment of new technologies may lead to improvement of the product hence making it better than those in the market. Similarly, it may advance the efficiency of production operation, thus pumping its surplus product all over the globe. The factor, therefore, may create a competitive environment that acts on the company's merit. Secondly, through market research as well as other close substitute s that exist in the market may lead to product innovation, thus its success (Weinstein and William, 78). Also, through differentiation and relatively low pricing may attract more customers as well as maintaining them in the market forces. In short, technology advancement and research on the antagonistic competitor are vital factors to consider for maintenance of customers loyalty and product innovation.

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