Essay Sample on Near-Misses: A Shift in Thinking for Improved Safety Processes

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Date:  2023-02-27


The article of choice during the last month is A Shift in Thinking: Study near-misses to improve safety processes by Rachael Bugaris. The article outlines the minor electrical accidents which have the potential of resulting in injury and loss of property or lives. Near-misses have the capability of preventing tasks to be accomplished as it is the plan. The article continues to tell the appropriate steps to consider when dealing with the problem of a near miss. For instance, there is an explanation of safety attitudes and actions which can be adopted to manage the problem of a near miss. Moreover, there is a demonstration of how to identify and stop hazards from occurring.

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The following is an evaluation of how tones and words are strategically utilized to direct the reader's opinion. Also, there is the identification of any fallacies or bias, and the words impacting the article's message. In conclusion, I will consider various words from the article, which can be replaced to change the general opinion of the readers.

Utilization of Words and Tones

The author does well in her choice of words to express the severity and danger of near-misses when not handled properly. That is through introducing the article with potential dangers of near-misses, which include injury and loss of property or lives. However, the reader is given hope that there are certain steps that can be applied to mitigate the dangers associated with these minor electrical accidents. That is when she expresses there is power in knowledge; hence, the situation of near-misses can be improved. The knowledge can be obtained through the general change in our culture, and intensive investigation to reduce injuries. Therefore, the reader is given hope that all is not lost when carrying out their operations in the working environment.

Moreover, the tone of the article is that of challenging the leadership to take serious actions and drastic actions when addressing the concern. The author tells the first measures should be considered by the top management to improve safety in the working environment. The management in the working environment is prompted to avoid stigmatization of the employees when reporting near-misses. Finally, the introductory graphic reads "Danger High Voltage," which is important in drawing anticipation and attention among the readers on what the article is going to document.

Bias/Fallacies in the Article

The article can be considered to place heavy blame on the administrative controls but seems to overlook the contribution of other staff members in the working environment, with regards to managing near-miss. Managers are prompted to address and eliminate hazards by the use of various means, others that may be beyond their means. For instance, the managers are required to identify the root cause of the problem, some of which can only be identified by staff members in the working environment who experienced the situation first-hand.


In conclusion, I would change the reader's perception that safety is not the sole responsibility of the administrators but collective efforts by everyone in the working environment. For instance, I would introduce a segment dictating some of the personal actions taken by employees in the working environment should follow. That is through integrating the implementation of the investigation and reporting process. Thus, working as an insight for employees to take responsibility for their safety in the working environment.


Bugaris, R. (2019). A Shift in Thinking: Study near-misses to improve safety processes. Retrieved 20 October 2019, from

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