Essay Sample on Nations Change: Causes, Examples & Consequences

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Date:  2023-01-11

Every country is subject to transformation. These changes are primarily brought about by various things that affect a particular nation. Such items include population growth, whereby due to an increase in the population of a specific country this can lead to multiple changes such as the building of more facilities like houses to reside in and schools that can support a large number of people (Stearns, 2018). Adjustments also may be brought about by civilization whereby due to people being influenced by the western culture would lead to some changes, for example, their modes of dressing, their eating habits and also their general ways of life (Stearns, 2018). A lot of social changes in recent times can also conclusively be attributed to the continually increasing technological development and progressions. The chief objective of this essay is thus to critically discuss that different nations can experience successful changes or transformations by use of a substantial example. Typically, accomplishing significant changes is always a key concern and a primary goal for every nation in the modern world.

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A good example is in China whereby a lot of changes can be recognized that have taken place since ancient times. A difference in their modes of dressing can effectively be NOTED whereby the Chinese men changed from wearing their former loose long gowns to putting on western business suits that were more fitting (Hamamura, 2018). There was also a change in the way they built their houses. In the ancient times, they used materials such as timber to build the houses but due to development of technology they improved their building materials to bricks, tiles and metal plates that were stronger and that would support bigger and stronger homes. Population growth of this nation too drove many people to the towns where they would get accommodation for themselves in better buildings different from the traditional wood structures in the rural areas. There was also the development of better transport systems which enabled people to transport their commodities to the market and also for them to access the towns easily for their shopping (Hamamura, 2018). This also allowed the people to get to their workplaces with ease and on time because the facilities used for transport were faster compared to those that were used in ancient times. Overall, it is apparent that the numerous significant changes taking place in today's society are primarily influenced by the government even though the public can also make a difference that will ultimately contribute to changes in the nation.


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