Essay Sample on Montresor's Revenge: A Well-Executed Plan Achieved 50 Years Later

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Date:  2023-01-27

I think Montresor achieved his goal which was to carry out a revenge by addressing a well executed plan to kill Fortunato. He successfully lured his target into the trick hence completing his task leaving no trace. Therefore, Montresor accomplishes all of the criteria in which he addresses

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Montresor was ready to tell his story fifty years after it happens. If the story were said a few days after the act, the crime would be so fresh in people's minds, and he could risk being jailed. Telling the story after this long time is significant since many people who knew Fortunato might have forgotten; hence, Montresor may not face imprisonment for that crime.

I think Montresor's heart grew sick because of his lousy conscience as he felt guilty of what he had done. This aspect is demonstrated by his wish to leave the crime scene as fast as possible and even wanting to hurriedly finish the wall that covers Fortunato. Thus he blamed the dampness of the catacombs for making the surroundings intolerable. His blames on the damp catacombs for coursing his sickness was the beginning of regretting his actions.

Based on what I have learned from Fortunato's character, I have come to believe he is not necessarily guilty of anything. Though, he had insulted Montresor without realizing what an unstable man he was or how he would react. In the eyes of Montresor, the way that Fortunato had insulted him called for revenge.

Although it could have saved his life, Fortunato does not admit to insulting Montresor because he was an insensitive drunk and he merely did not have enough time.

There are two possible reasons for Montresor's failure to tell Fortunato about the reasons for what was happening to him. First, he feared since Fortunato was one of his closest people. He felt like he was corrupt and wouldn't wish to expose it to him. Secondly, Montessori is not faced with supernatural horror of the gothic and therefore felt like he can handle the problem himself. He was only confronted by real fear, which could be manageable.

The Montresor family coat of arms shows a golden foot crushing a snake biting the heel of a foot. This image symbolizes how one must not harm someone else without being hurt back with some revenge, which is why Montresor kills Fortunato after he was insulted.

Fortunato is dressed in a jester costume when Montresor approaches him. The way Fortunato is dressed may suggest that he is a wealthy, rich man.

After Montresor tosses the torch to the other side of the wall, he hears one thing, only the sound of bells jingling. I believe the jingling of the bells had symbolized the accomplishment of finally finishing what he had come to do.

I find it hard to believe that Montresor had been satisfied with himself at the end of the story, as opposed to how he felt right after the killing of Fortunato. After fifty years he questionably brings this event to the surface and ends the story in regards to Fortunato, stating "may he rest in peace." Ultimately I feel Montresor was in regret and it was why he had admitted to what he'd done.

Work Cited

Poe, Edgar A, and Don Taylor. The Cask of Amontillado. Toronto: Pointyhead Press, 2013. Print.

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