Competitive and Economic Sustainability of Beautonomy Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-08


A proper commitment to the sustainability and a proper economic competent has the ability to pay off for most of the consumer brand and this is one of the most reliable factors that has been put forth by Beautonomy beauty company. The Beautonomy company sales of consumer goods and their sustainability to the required quality has really achieved this by growing it to the desired level of almost 4% increase in its sales while the brand goods that never realized the grew within the company were less than one percent. According to the current research on the consumption of goods within Beautonomy Company, more than 66% of the consumers argue that they even willing to pay more for the sustainable brands and products of the company and this shows a significant increase from the 55% in 2017. This, therefore, brings it clears that the organization is maintained a very competitive and a proper economic sustainability that will highly enhance the production process.

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The sustainability of several products from various companies is a global issue that is really gaining momentum. Achievement of this by the company is, therefore, a stepping stone towards achieving their goals and objectives. The recent research on the Beautonomy company goods and brands illustrate that the consumers are highly even willing to pay extra if doing so can enable them to retain their loyalty to the value that is required. Several consumer goods that have not met or embraced the sustainability are at a high risk of many fronts and this comes out to be an exemption for the Beautonomy Company because almost all its product has met the required standards. One way of clarifying a company's long-term success in business is through its sustainable competitive advantage. As a result, competitive advantage is, therefore, a company's sustainability practice. It can, therefore, be concluded that there exists a close relationship between competitive advantage and sustainability and the sustainability that brings about a competitive advantage


Beautonomy Company embraces high standards of environmental measures and this can be realized in the kind of products that the company offers. The company has embarked on green beauty, a term that has highly been used in the beauty industries to refer to the organic and natural skin care and makeup. The products that are used by the company in manufacturing this brand of goods are therefore considered to be much more environmental friendly. The company has also embarked on environmentally friendly products and production method thus making their products to be one of the most desired in the beauty industries however young the industry is. The Beautonomy Company concerns the environmental issues both in the product formation and skin and environment issues have enabled the growing beauty company to produce the required brand of products.

Social relations of Beautonomy Company

The working relationship of eth Beautonomy Company is incredibly important more so to their employees and the general social relations to the clients. As a human operated company, the organization craves contact and high standards of connection with other people. The full-time employees of the Beautonomy Company really spend most of their time in the office and therefore the working relationship can either affect the employees positively or negative and this is the main reason why the Beautonomy Company has taken it as a priority to enhance good social relations within the workplace. The provision of this has therefore enabled the Beautonomy Company to increased engagement and loyalty from the client and this has really boosted the productivity of the company.

Economic status of Beautonomy Company

The producers of Beautonomy Company in most cases differentiate themselves from other market operators through their demographic market and the price point together with the manufacturing processes that they are practicing. The service providers of the Beautonomy Company competes majorly with the location, price target and the targeted demographic market that has seen the company expanding in terms of the profit that they earn. The types of services that the Beautonomy Company offers are vital for the company to realize its profitability. The Beautonomy Company is known for its resistant to any kind of economic downturn and this has really boosted the performance of Beautonomy Company.

The impact of Brexit has affected the UK's GDP. For example, the GDP reduced the country's GDP by 2% even before the Brexit as a result for Brexit euphoria, which was later negatively affected. The country's GDP was later reduced significantly because the economic output of the country declined. As at the year, the country's GDP is 2.622 trillion USD (2017) as compared to 3.23 trillion in 2014. This reduction in the economic output would affect the country economic output and affect the company's sales in 2018 and beyond (World Bank, 2018). The country inflation rate this is years also high as the consumer price inflation is at 2.4%, as at June 2018 this has not changed significantly over the last three months (Campanella, 2018). The inflation would inherently affect the prices consumers pay for the company's services and products that might force buyers to go for the cheaper alternatives (Beqiraj, Fedeli & Forte, 2018). Finally, the country's interest rate rose to 0.75% from 0.5% (Charfeddine, Klein & Walther, 2018). The increase in the interest rate will affect the consumer's demands for the company's products and the aggregate investment spending, as the cost of borrowing will also increase (Liao, Wang and Huang, 2018). This means that a further increase in the interest rate will lead to an increase in the market price that will force the consumers to look for cheaper alternatives. There, the company is relatively less economically stable in the long as per the country's economic performances.


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