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Date:  2022-11-10


The ever-changing business world has created the need for more expertise and talents to ensure effective management and successful problem-solving. Learning institutions have recognized changes in the corporate world. As a result, they created learning programs aims at creating experts who can aid the business in keeping up with the changing trends and ensure rapid success. Therefore, I will seek an Associate in Science with a concentration in business management and economics. My registered area of study is Business, Management, and Economics with an interest in learning strategies and operation management. I also hope to acquire additional knowledge in practices, skills, and experience required in running a successful business venture. However, there exist other driving forces behind the desire to pursue a study in business, management, and economics.

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Managing a successful business venture has been a long-time dream. However, to be one of the successful managers in the corporate world, there is a need to have adequate knowledge in business, management, and economic (Kohail et al. ). The profession requires superior expertise in human resources management, economics, innovation, and product development. The success of the company lies in the ability to motivate human resource to increase their productivity. Also, it requires adequate knowledge of the economy such as changing the interest rate, and inflation. Such information is necessary while deciding on the best market price and product development. Also, with the changing technological, management information system has become a topic concern. Every business aims to implement technological ideas which will enhance effectively and efficiently. However, its successful implementation can only be achieved if there exists knowledge on its purpose and suitability. The needs mentioned above can only be met by the manager with a sound understanding of my desired degree program. Therefore, to be an outstanding manager, there exist suitable concentration and general learning courses.

Learning institution offers concentration courses such as principles of management, business ethics, and human resources management which are significant sources of information for a successful manager. Also, they avail general learning courses such as introduction to psychology and foundation of general education and professional success which complement other courses in successful business management. Knowledge of business ethics is fundamental for creating an environment that ensures a good relationship with its stakeholders. For example, by observing the relevant pollution regulations reduces conflict between the business and government authorities and the public. Instances of the legal problem associated with excessive pollution will be limited. The business course of principles of management exposes one to organizational function such as planning, controlling, organizing and directing. Successful practice of these functions aids in delivering the best outcome. In the case of the principle of marketing course, I will acquire knowledge on ways to increase awareness among the potential customers.

The decision to pursue the degree program was also influenced by the prevalence of failing ventures in the environment. Most of such ideas attribute their failure to lack of management skills (Arasti, 7490). The entrepreneur comes up with a good, but lack of business knowledge leads to wrong decision which results in the failure of the business. Other venture fails due to poor managerial advice. Those they rely on lacks the relevant information necessary to ensure good strategic decisions (Arasti, 7490). Therefore, by undertaking the degree program, I will be in a better position to offer consultancy services to such kind of businesspeople.

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