Free Essay on Strategic Planning and Decision-Making: Navigating the Path to Organizational Success

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Date:  2023-12-16

Part 1

Hello, I like the details which you have explained in your post. Organizations need a plan. The strategic direction helps steer the organization on the right path. You have raised critical points on strategic planning, and I have read and enjoyed your post. Strategic planning in any organization needs the departments to have the right information. It is a process that cuts across all the departments. According to Rumelt (2011), creating a good strategic plan will guide the organization to do the right things at the right time. If the strategic plan misses the point, then it will not be in a position to steer the operations of the organization in the proper form.

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Finance, accounting, marketing, and human resource departments need to work together to achieve strategic goals. It is interesting to see how you have articulated the process of strategic execution. The five steps you have explained are significant. According to Gamble, the first step in getting the vision is crucial (2019). It helps the management to plan the process and lay down the vision of the company. The channel of communication must follow the right process, which is from top management to the subordinate staff.

The objective should match the vision of the organization (Rument, 2011). If the support is not there, then it becomes a challenge to deal with goals in the company. According to Rument (2011), People can make bad strategies which can have negative repercussions to the organization. If the organization follows a flawed plan, it will end up failing. Planning is where many people lose it, but a good strategy can help. It is one of the most severe parts of the decision-making process, which many executives need to take seriously. Making choices in the organization involves selecting a particular project over the other.

Making the right decisions is a must because the resources are limited. If the resources are enough, people will not worry about making decisions in life. Strategic thinking and decision models are essential. The additional points on these two are authentic. Strategic thinking and planning go hand in hand (Goldman, 2015). One needs both for proper decision-making. The management should react adequately to the problems in the organization as that affects the type of decision they will make in the firm (Goldman, 2015). The executive needs to think straight and to have a team that can assist in decision-making. It can help the organization to come up with the right decision all the time.

I agree with all the information you have explained in your post. The types of decision models used in the organization are essential. The choice overload model and the consequence model help a lot when it comes to deciding on different issues. According to Krogerus and Tschappeler (2018), the consequence model focuses on the outcome of the decision made in the organization. The question is if the decision is going to cause harm or benefit the organization—the model advice of the best cause of action.

Choice overload is always right when the organization does not have enough resources to meet the need. It can help the organization to prioritize the projects, which are urgent in case they do not have the resources to meet all of them (Watson, 2005). The last step in any process is significant. It gives the organization the chance to make the right choices and to make good changes in the future. There is room for change and improvement because strategic changes cannot be static.

Part 2

The two sources which we have in this course are significant. It is great to see that you have used the case of Motorola and Apple. It tells how a firm can make fair use of decision-making and strategy formulation and how another can waste the chance and fail. The two companies are used in many business classes to explain the importance of strategy formulation. The organization needs to adjust and keep checking the market trends. The trends explain what the organization needs to do and must do to appeal better to the customers—the strategic direction has advantages and disadvantages. The organization should solely focus on the benefits because that helps the organization to win in all they are doing.

One of the advantages is the organization will always have grand plans that are realistic. I believe that planning in the organization needs a good strategy. It is all that you have explained in our post, which is very informative. Again, avoiding pitfalls in the decision-making process helps the organization develop a strategy that works now and in the future. The organization and business owner need plans for what will work for the organization. When the methods do not work, it becomes a problem to deal with the consequences out there. Finally, for an organization, it useful to have all the factors necessary in place before making policy and objective decisions. Reference and consultation are some of the things that can help to avoid pitfalls in decision-making.


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