Essay Sample on Management Approaches to Effective Communication

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Communication is the most vital part of management, it ensures that information is conveyed in the most convenient way across the organization and outside the organization. It is through communication that objectives of the organizations are met. Therefore it important for managers to find the best approaches to use in order to get the most out of the organization. In order to achieve this effective communication what must managers do? And what approaches are they going to follow to achieve the most effective transfer of information.

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The first approach managers must do in order to achieve effective communication is to understand their audience. Understanding ones audience enables you to provide the exact information as well as provide the required information (Huber, D. L., Joseph, M. L., Farag, A., & Watson, C. A. 2018).. Staff in any organization requires diverse levels of attention and their needs are different from one individual to another therefore as a manager understanding your audience will ensure that each and every one is served effectively.

According to Huber managers have to become good and attentive listeners in order to achieve their effective communication. This way they will be able to get adequate information for the best answers they provide. This will ensure that they are efficient in their work. It also motivate staff as they will know you take their issues seriously and tackle them to the best efforts available. Effective communication can hence be obtained as a result of attentive listening and giving positive feedbacks from listening staff's issues (Huber. D. L, 2018).The mode of communication is very essential for effective communication, this will majorly depend on the sensitivity of the matter. More sensitive matters will definitely require straight talking. Straight talking in this sense will mean face to face talking. This type of method of conveying information will ensure that the feedback is sincere. Faking information on text or any other form of information apart from face to face is very possible. That is why it is important for managers to use this mode of conveying information especially when there is lack of trust between the parties involved (Ocasio, W., Laamanen, T., & Vaara, E.2018).

The above are effective in group dynamics management as well as conflict resolution, during times when individuals are working there is a high tendency for misunderstandings amongst these individuals. Power N. reiterates that as a manager it important to ensure that there is oneness amongst the employees. This can be achieved through effective communication as well as effective resolution of conflicts that occur in the process of performing tasks. Group dynamics of information therefore, means the flow of information within the organizations and the networks they form (Power, N.2018). Communication tend to flow from the top management in order to the bottom level management. These frontline managers are responsible for conveying the information to the staff and they channel back the feedback to the top management. Understanding the group dynamics well provide a basis of conflict resolution managers will have the ability to find the best way to convey their information to the group. Therefore, group dynamics and effective conveying of information are interrelated as they have high dependency. Understanding the organization of people and how information will be conveyed with ease conflict resolution. There are issues that can be easily solved by the first line managers while some conflicts have to be shifted further ahead (Ocasio, W., Laamanen, T., & Vaara, E.2018).


In conclusion, staff should hence be trained on ways of reporting problems they detect in their workplace and a procedure of resolving these conflicts be put in place to find a long lasting solution in a smooth and professional manner. To achieve this the communication techniques discussed above have to be applied.


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